Why Ubisoft Chose Basim For Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Basim Ibn Is’haq Takes Center Stage in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

When Ubisoft unveiled Assassin’s Creed Mirage last September, it not only announced the game itself but also revealed that Basim Ibn Is’haq, the master assassin from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, would be the playable protagonist in Mirage. This decision to feature a character who had already appeared in a different Assassin’s Creed game as the main character is a first for the franchise. After having the opportunity to play Mirage for a couple of hours, I am eagerly looking forward to exploring Basim’s journey and progression in the full game release this October. I am also curious about how Ubisoft Bordeaux decided to bring Basim back and what role his backstory plays in the game.

A Parallel Journey

According to creative director Stephane Boudon, Basim’s mysterious and intriguing nature made him a perfect choice for exploring his youth in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. This decision creates a parallel with the franchise’s first protagonist, Altair Ibn-La’Ahad. Although their stories are not exactly the same, both Basim and Altair experience the journey of an Assassin rising through the ranks to prove themselves worthy of the Creed. Ubisoft Bordeaux further delves into Basim’s backstory, drawing inspiration from Baghdad’s cultural and technological significance during its Golden Age period in the 9th Century.

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A Return to the Classic Assassin’s Creed Fantasy

World and quest director Simone Arseneault explains that Basim allowed the development team to revisit the classic Assassin’s Creed fantasy of being a stealthy assassin. In previous open-world RPGs, the focus was less on the Credo and more on other elements. However, with Basim as the protagonist in Mirage, the team aimed to bring the focus back to the essence of the Creed, emphasizing his journey rather than his narrative progression. Players will have the freedom to choose how Basim approaches quests, what outfits he wears, what tools and loadouts he uses, and more, thereby enhancing the player’s control over the gameplay experience.

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A Different Perspective and Experience with Basim

Familiarity with Basim as a character did not hinder the design of quests in the game. Arseneault highlights that the team made efforts to align quest objectives with Basim’s character traits and principles. While players will have the liberty to choose how to take down their targets, Basim’s actions should align with his identity as an Assassin of the Hidden Ones. According to artistic director Jean-Luc Sala, designing Basim in a new light for Mirage has been both challenging and exciting.

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A Promising Assassin

While my hands-on experience with Mirage did not include delving into the narrative, I found pleasure in exploring Basim’s abilities and gameplay mechanics. With a new voice actor and the opportunity to experience a different period of history and city through Basim’s perspective, I am eagerly awaiting the full release of the game in October. Ubisoft Bordeaux has the potential to make Basim one of my favorite protagonists in the series.

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