Bethesda hired the creator of a Skyrim clutter mod to design Starfield’s “lighting and clutter”

Bethesda Collaborates with Skyrim Mod Creator to Design Starfield’s Environments

Bethesda has enlisted the help of Emmi “Elianora” Junkkari, a renowned Skyrim clutter mod creator, to assist in the design process of Starfield’s intricately cluttered environments.

Elianora themselves revealed the news, admitting that they had been secretly working on the game at Bethesda all along, pretending to be surprised by each new teaser and press release.

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“I have been deceiving you. I have been lying. I have been faking. I’ve kept secrets and pretended,” teased Elianora in a recent Facebook update.

“I was merely pretending whatever I said I hadn’t a clue what Starfield would be like and what Bethesda could be up to. I faked my surprise at ladders, the space flight, the awesome level of details of the environments and acted like I was in total unexpected awe of all the cool clutter… actually, I placed some of that clutter myself.”

The post goes on to confirm that based on the success of Elianora’s fan-favorite mods in Skyrim, which introduced detailed and realistic clutter to the game’s world, Bethesda hired them as a lighting and clutter artist for Starfield.

“It was 100 percent amazing and an experience of a lifetime,” they added. “Enjoy our game. Now let’s go out there and explore.”

Elianora concludes their post by sharing a photo of their arm with a fresh Starfield tattoo.

Additionally, Starfield pays tribute to a devoted fan, Alex Hay, who tragically passed away before the game’s release. Hay, who had been eagerly following the project for years, expressed doubts about living long enough to play Starfield due to a lung cancer diagnosis at the age of 36.

In honor of Hay, Bethesda included a note from him for all explorers to discover in the game.