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Models of Work Post-Pandemic: Is Remote Working Still the Norm?

Since the pandemic, the concept of remote working has gained widespread popularity as many companies shifted to this model to protect the health and safety of their employees. However, as pandemic restrictions ease, some companies are finding that the remote working model may not be as effective as initially thought. Playstudios CEO, Andrew Pascal, shares his insights on how the award-winning mobile games company is encouraging a return to in-person work.

Embracing In-Person Collaboration

According to Pascal, in-person collaboration is vital for any organization, especially in creative industries like mobile gaming. There is an undeniable value in creative individuals coming together to generate new ideas, solve problems, and innovate. Playstudios believes that in-person working offers unique benefits that cannot be replicated in a remote setting.

Encouraging Employees to Come Into the Office

Playstudios recognizes that while remote work has its advantages, there are times when being together in an office setting can be more impactful and productive. The company concentrates its communication, creative workshops, employee development, and strategic work sessions into carefully crafted in-office days. They also prioritize employee connection by hosting lunches and events. Additionally, Playstudios has recently redesigned its workspace to support collaboration and innovation.

In-Person Work: More Than Just Productivity

Pascal emphasizes that being together in an office environment goes beyond productivity. It fosters deeper levels of engagement, satisfaction, and inspires more innovative ideas and solutions. The organic and spontaneous connections that occur during in-person interactions drive the business forward. Playstudios believes that collaboration and mutual support thrive best when people are physically together.

The Importance of Location

Playstudios’ approach to re-engaging employees varies depending on the location of their offices. Global studios returned to work more quickly than domestic studios, especially in areas with a high concentration of tech companies. However, trends are shifting, and more companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of in-person work.

Is In-Person Work Here to Stay?

While each company must determine what works best for them, there is a growing movement towards returning to in-person work. Many companies, including Playstudios, have found that remote work is not as productive, efficient, or impactful as working together in an office setting. The lessons learned from the pandemic have highlighted the importance of being physically present for deeper levels of engagement, collaboration, and innovation.