Where to find the major cities and settlements in Starfield

Where to Find the Major Cities and Settlements in Starfield

Starfield is an exciting game that allows you to explore numerous planets and systems in space. However, it can be challenging to remember where you found specific locations. To make your search easier, we have compiled a guide to help you find the major cities and settlements in Starfield.

List of Major Cities and Settlements

Here is a list of the main points of interest in Starfield, along with the respective systems and planets where you can find them:

  • Akila City – Cheyenne (Akila)
  • The Clinic – Narion (Deepala)
  • Cydonia – Sol (Mars)
  • Dream Home* – Olympus (Nesoi)
  • The Eye – Alpha Centauri (Jemison)
  • Fracking Station – Porrima (Porrima II-b)
  • Hopetown – Valo (Polvo)
  • The Key – Kryx (Suvorov)
  • Neon Core – Volii (Volii Alpha)
  • New Atlantis – Alpha Centauri (Jemison)
  • Paradiso – Porrima (Porrima II)
  • The Red Mile – Porrima (Porrima III)
  • UC Vigilance – Aranae (Aranae II)
  • Waggoner Farm – Cheyenne (Montara Luna)

* You will find the Dream Home location if you have the Dream Home trait active. It is likely that a mission will lead you there the first time. For more details, refer to our guide on where to find your dream home.

Traveling quickly to your destination

When viewing a map of a system, look for planets with an icon resembling a series of skyscrapers, as shown in the screenshot above. This indicates the presence of a city or settlement. Other symbols may indicate additional points of interest, and three dots over a planet suggest something particularly worthwhile to visit.

Keep in mind that there are limitations on travel distance and routes in Starfield. You can only jump a certain number of light years, and you must travel to systems along a route at least once before you can skip over large portions of that route. However, many exciting locations are situated closely together in neighboring systems. In the early stages of the game, you will likely spend most of your time exploring planets within a few key systems. If you need more guidance, our guide on how to fast travel in Starfield can provide further assistance.

To experience the vast world of Starfield, you can purchase the game on Steam and the Microsoft Store.