Should You Give the Will to Elias Cartwright or Frank Langston in Starfield? Answered

One of the First Factions You’ll Encounter in Starfield: The Vanguard

As you embark on your journey across the vast galaxy of Bethesda Game Studios’ latest RPG, Starfield, you’ll come across one of the first factions known as the Vanguard. Serving as the military arm of the United Colonies, the Vanguard plays a significant role in the game. After completing a few initial quests for this faction, you’ll receive a mission called “Last Will and Testament” from Mayor Cartwright in Akila City. This mission presents you with a crucial decision: Should you give Sahar Hasanov’s will to Elias Cartwright or Frank Langston? Let’s delve into the details to help you make an informed choice.

Last Will and Testament

Like many open-world RPGs, it’s important to note that this encounter in Starfield can unfold in various ways.

Rewards for Giving the Will to Frank Langston

If you decide to give the will to Frank Langston, you’ll receive a generous reward of 10,000 Credits. However, you’ll have to lie to Mayor Cartwright and inform him that you didn’t find the will. The good news is, Mayor Cartwright will still reward you with 5,500 Credits and 50 XP.

Rewards for Giving the Will to Elias Cartwright

On the other hand, if you choose to give the will to Mayor Cartwright, you’ll receive 2,500 Credits and 100 XP as a reward. Mayor Cartwright appears to be unsuspecting, but the long-term consequences of this decision remain uncertain.

Should You Give the Will to Elias Cartwright or Frank Langston?

Based on our experience, we highly recommend giving the will to Frank Langston. This choice rewards you with 15,500 Credits and 50 XP. Mayor Cartwright doesn’t seem to suspect your dishonesty, although it’s possible that this decision may have repercussions later in the game. Nevertheless, the enticing reward makes it difficult to refuse.

In addition, while choosing to give the will to Mayor Cartwright grants you slightly more XP, obtaining XP in Starfield is relatively easy. For example, hunting down and defeating wildlife on a lush planet can earn you a significant amount of XP within minutes. Considering this, we strongly suggest giving the will to Langston.

So there you have it! We hope this information helps you decide whether to give Sahar Hasanov’s will to Elias Cartwright or Frank Langston in Starfield. For more gaming insights, check out our guide on flight controls and helpful tips for beginners. And remember to stay tuned to Twinfinite for all the latest updates.

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