Starfield – A High Price To Pay Quest Guide

The Starfield campaign is full of surprises and takes players to various locations with the support of their friends in Constellation. However, there is a specific mission called A High Price to Pay that stands out due to its unexpected events. Our Starfield A High Price to Pay guide will delve into this mission, but beware of spoilers.

How to Complete A High Price to Pay in Starfield

The Starfield A High Price to Pay mission occurs after the No Sudden Moves quest. At this point, the Constellation group splits into two factions: The Lodge and The Eye. Here is a breakdown of the groupings in the mission:

  • Vladimir Sall and three Constellation companions will be aboard The Eye.
  • Walter, Noel, Matteo, Vasco, and one Constellation companion will be in The Lodge.

The specific factors that determine the location of your companions are uncertain. However, it seems to be related to their affinity. The companion with the highest affinity will likely be part of the group in The Eye, while the one with the second highest affinity will be in The Lodge.

Once you speak to Noel, you will discover that The Eye is under attack. Shortly after, an intruder attempts to enter The Lodge. At this point, you must make a decision to either defend The Lodge or go to The Eye.

What Happens if You Defend The Lodge

If you choose to defend The Lodge in Starfield’s A High Price to Pay quest, you will be instructed to check on Walter on the second floor. As you approach him, the Hunter, a powerful Starborn warrior, will appear. Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Keep shooting the Hunter to distract him while the rest of the group escapes through the sewer passageway in the basement. Beware of the Hunter’s abilities, such as summoning a duplicate of himself.
  • Proceed to the sewers, which will eventually lead you to The Well. The Hunter will continue pursuing you, so make a swift escape.
  • Once you exit The Well, head straight to the Spaceport where you can board your ship.
  • Dock your ship with The Eye and confront the aftermath of the attack.

In this scenario, if you were unable to reach The Eye in time, one of your companions will unfortunately die. In the example given, Sarah died in our playthrough. It is believed that this outcome is related to Sarah having the highest affinity among all companions, but this cannot be confirmed definitively. Your playthrough may yield different results.

Sarah died aboard The Eye in one of our campaigns.

What Happens if You Go to The Eye

If you decide to go to The Eye in Starfield’s A High Price to Pay quest, you must act swiftly as there is only a short window of time. You must leave The Lodge before the Hunter chokes Walter. Failing to do so quickly will render the door inaccessible. Here’s what unfolds next:

  • The companion who is supposed to die in The Eye will be severely wounded but can still be interacted with. They will eventually recover.
  • Return to The Lodge where you will discover that the remaining companion has died. In our example, it was Sam who died in The Lodge.
  • We noticed that both Sam and Andreja had the second highest affinity among our companions.
  • Since we went to The Eye, Sarah managed to survive.
  • Your journey is not over yet. Head to the sewers to find Noel. Expect the Hunter to appear once you reach her.
  • The Hunter will continue pursuing you, so go through The Well and the Spaceport to reach your ship. Once there, everyone will regroup in The Eye and you must plan your next moves.
  • Unfortunately, in our playthrough, Andreja died in The Lodge.

All these incidents have caused a fracture within the Constellation group, and the survivors must now pick up the pieces. Further events surrounding the Armillary and the possibility of saving your companion are discussed in our other guides. Starfield is a vast game with countless planets to explore. For additional tips and tactics, visit our guides hub.