Starfield Starters: An Explorer’s Guide to Planet Hopping 

Starfield Starters: A Guide to Exploring the Galaxy

Starfield, the highly anticipated game, is set to launch on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. As we at Xbox Wire have had the privilege of playing it early, we want to provide you with some insight to get you ready for your own intergalactic adventure. In this four-part, spoiler-free guide, we will cover important features of the game and offer tips for success.

Jump Into the Stars

Exploring the vastness of space in Starfield is a thrilling experience. With a functional grav drive, you can hop into your ship and travel to different star systems and planets. The Starmap allows you to easily navigate the galaxy and choose your destination. Remember to consider the difficulty level of each system before visiting to ensure a smooth journey.

Bountiful Planets for Exploration

Starfield offers a variety of planets to explore, each with unique flora, fauna, and resources. You can undertake surveying missions to earn rewards and collect data on specific planets. These missions are a great starting point for your exploration and can provide you with a clear objective and a monetary reward. As you progress in the game, fully surveying planets can become a profitable endeavor.

Come Prepared for the Unknown

Before embarking on any journey, it’s essential to be prepared. Space travel can be unpredictable, and there may be unexpected challenges along the way. Make sure to stock up on ship parts to repair any hull damage during your travels. Additionally, each planet has its own ecosystem, and you’ll need to be prepared for various conditions. Pack different types of meds to counteract any ailments or injuries you may encounter.

Surveying Made Easy

When you visit a planet for the first time, it’s essential to scan it from orbit. This scan will reveal the basic resources available on the planet, and upgrading your scanning skill will reveal rarer resources. The Starmap provides detailed information about the planet’s name, location, gravity levels, temperature, atmosphere, and more. It also highlights flora, fauna, and points of interest, allowing you to plan your landing spot accordingly.

Explore and Engage

Once you’ve landed on a planet, use your scanner to uncover hidden materials, flora, and fauna. You may also discover points of interest such as abandoned outposts or unknown features. Exploring these areas can lead to exciting encounters, valuable treasures, or new discoveries. Be prepared for random events and conflicts that may arise during your exploration.

With these Starfield starters, you’ll be ready to embark on your journey through the galaxy. Stay tuned for more guides and tips to enhance your gameplay experience.