Best stealth build in Starfield

How to Create the Ultimate Stealth Character Build in Starfield

If you’re looking to create a character build that excels in stealth and combat in Starfield, we’ve got you covered. While the game doesn’t have traditional classes, you can still roleplay as a mysterious space rogue with a deadly stealth build. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create the best stealth character build in Starfield. And if stealth isn’t your thing, we’ll also provide recommendations for other character builds.

Best Background for a Stealth Build

The Cyber Runner background is the ideal choice for a stealth build in Starfield. Not only does it add a cool roleplaying flair, but it also provides you with essential skills for stealth, security, and theft. These skills will give you an edge in sneaking around and eliminating enemies without being noticed. Alternatively, if you prefer a ninja playstyle, the Ronin background is a great option, offering skills in dueling, stealth, and scavenging. If you want to play as a space rogue, the [FILE NOT FOUND] background is a fun choice, offering skills in wellness, ballistics, and piloting.

Best Traits for a Stealth Build

For the best stealth build, we recommend the Terra Firma, Wanted, and Introvert traits. Terra Firma provides additional stamina on solid ground, which is crucial during combat. Wanted not only adds a cool roleplaying element but also rewards you with free XP when enemies discover you. Introvert is perfect for a lone wolf playstyle, offering more health and stamina when you don’t have a companion. Alternatively, you can substitute the Alien DNA trait for a unique roleplaying experience, gaining more health at the expense of the effectiveness of healing items. Faction or religious traits are also viable options, and the Kid Stuff trait adds an endearing touch.

Best Skills for a Stealth Build

To create the ultimate stealth character build, focus on the Physical, Social, and Combat skill trees. However, if you want to explore other aspects of the game, such as modding, researching, space flying, and outpost building, consider investing points into Science and Tech skills as well. Here are the best skills for a stealth build:

  • Physical: Fitness, Wellness, Stealth, Energy Weapon Dissipation, Pain Tolerance, Gymnastics, Concealment, Rejuvenation. Optional: Martial Arts, Neurostrikes.
  • Social: Scavenging, Theft, Negotiation, Isolation, Commerce.
  • Combat: Ballistics, Rifle Certification, Marksmanship, Rapid Reloading, Sniper Certification, Armor Penetration, Sharpshooting. Optional: Dueling.
  • Science: Medicine, Research Methods, Weapon Engineering.
  • Tech: Boost Pack Training, Security, Robotics.

Best Weapons for a Stealth Build

The Beowulf and Lawgiver rifles are the top choices for a stealth build in Starfield. These rifles excel in sniping and can take out enemies from a distance. If you prefer a melee approach, the Barrow Knife is a great option for close-quarters combat.

Best Armor for a Stealth Build

When it comes to armor, aim for light gear that doesn’t hinder your sneaking abilities. Look for legendary armor that provides beneficial perks to enhance your abilities.

Best Companion for a Stealth Build

While we recommend playing without an active companion for the best stealth experience, if you still want one, Andreja is the ideal choice. She not only supports “evil” actions but is also proficient in stealth, making her a valuable partner for a stealth-focused character.