Final Fantasy 16 Update Adds New Skins, Premium DLC in Development

The Latest Update for Final Fantasy 16 Offers Free Costumes and Teases Premium DLC

Square Enix has made an exciting announcement for Final Fantasy 16 players by unveiling a new update that introduces a range of free skins and teases the development of premium downloadable content (DLC).

The Final Fantasy 16 update delivers a variety of free costumes

This recent update, which is already live, was accompanied by a short trailer that showcased some of the exciting new features. Clive Rosfield, Jill Warrick, Torgal, Joshua, and Ambrosia will all receive skin variations, with the trailer providing a glimpse of their impressive designs. Additionally, players will now be able to transmog their swords, allowing them to retain the stats of one blade while adopting the appearance of another.

The patch notes for the update were shared in a detailed Twitter thread, providing players with comprehensive information on the changes and improvements.

Premium expansions and new control schemes on the horizon

Producer Naoki Yoshida also addressed fans through a video, expressing his gratitude for their support and feedback. He acknowledged the players’ desire for more content and revealed that the development team is currently working on two premium expansions. While no specific details were provided, Yoshida’s announcement creates anticipation for what these expansions will bring in terms of size, release date, and pricing.

This update follows Yoshida’s previous statement in July, where he suggested that the studio was considering DLC options. Furthermore, back in May, he implied that DLC was not initially planned but hinted at the potential for Square Enix to change its approach based on fan demand.

Additionally, Square Enix has announced the development of a PC port for Final Fantasy 16, expanding the game’s platform availability beyond the PS5. Yoshida expressed his intention to provide updates on both the DLC and PC port by the end of the year.