Starfield – Where To Build The Armillary

Where to Build the Armillary in Starfield

The Starfield Armillary is a crucial device in the game that players will encounter in the middle of the campaign. However, the decision of where to build it holds significant consequences for the story. Please note that this article contains spoilers.

The decision to build the Armillary occurs at the end of the quest “A High Price to Pay.” Players must choose between defending The Lodge or ensuring the safety of their other companions at The Eye. While one companion will perish, the survivors will gather aboard The Eye and inquire about the fate of the artifacts.

This is when the Starfield Armillary comes into play. Once built, it serves as a storage unit for all your artifacts. You have the following options for where to build it:

  • Build the Armillary on your ship – Simply check the panel to the right of the pilot’s seat and follow the prompt to construct the Armillary.
  • Build the Armillary in an outpost – Create an outpost on a planet and use the beacon to access the quest tab and select the Armillary.
  • Don’t build the Armillary and carry the artifacts normally – Since artifacts have no mass, they won’t contribute to the overall carry weight.
Building the Armillary on your ship is a quick and easy process.

What Happens After Building the Armillary

The Armillary acts as a beacon for hostile Starborn who are also after the artifacts. If you build it on your ship, you’ll encounter more Starborn while flying in space. If you choose not to build it at all, Starborn might still appear when exploring in space or on planets.

Although we didn’t try the outpost option, it’s unlikely that Starborn would suddenly attack your crew members left behind. Building the Armillary on our ship was our preferred choice, as it led to more frequent encounters with Starborn vessels and exciting space battles.

Starborn ships have a higher chance of spawning.
Starborn ships have a higher chance of spawning.

Constructing the Armillary marks the conclusion of the quest “A High Price to Pay.” However, one question remains unanswered: Is it possible to save the companion who perished during the mission?

Starfield is an expansive game with numerous planets to explore. For more tips and tactics, visit our guides hub.

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