Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – United Kingdom (UK) Strategy Guide

Playing as the United Kingdom in Hearts of Iron 4 can be a daunting task, as the fate of the world often depends on their success. However, with the largest portion of the planet under their control at the start of the game, the UK also has the potential for the easiest world conquest. In this guide, we will outline the general strategies and best paths to follow when playing as the United Kingdom in Hearts of Iron 4.

General Strategy for United Kingdom in HOI4

While many players emphasize the importance of the UK’s navy in gameplay, this is not always the case. The significance of naval warfare depends on your desired playstyle. If you are playing a Democratic game, where multiplayer is likely, your navy and the African front will play vital roles. However, if your goal is world conquest, naval warfare becomes irrelevant.

At the start of HOI4 in 1936, the UK has a sufficient navy to defeat all countries except the US and Japan. To prioritize your production, focus on creating convoys, as your navy is already formidable. With a surplus of civilian factories, allocate resources towards military factories, radars, and anti-air measures. Tanks are not a major concern for the UK, so allocate military factories to infantry equipment, support equipment, and artillery. Additionally, research advancements in fighters, CAS, anti-air, and anti-tank artillery to strengthen your divisions.

As for research, begin with an industrial focus and invest in equipment necessary for war. Ensure that your navy is stationed on the mainland and create new fleets as needed.

Mosley’s Blackshirt Imperial Federation

Playing as Fascist UK in HOI4 offers an overpowered strategy for world conquest. Although there are several factors to consider, the overall strategy is relatively straightforward. Here is the step-by-step guide to forming the Empire and possibly the EU as Fascist UK:

  1. Initiate a Civil War against the Allies, and conquer the UK and all colonies.
  2. Consolidate the British Isles, conquer Ireland, and complete the “Unite the Anglosphere” focus.
  3. Conquer the US.
  4. Free Canada as a Puppet, form a faction with them, and allow them to form the Dominion of North America.
  5. Conquer the newly independent Unitary Canada.
  6. Create a random puppet or puppet Spain and pursue the “Reinforce the Empire” national focus path until completing the “Imperial Federation” focus.

By following these six steps, you will have annexed Canada, the USA, South Africa, the British Raj, Australia, and New Zealand, incorporating all of their provinces as core territories. At this point, you will possess sufficient manpower and factories to easily conquer the entire world.

Home Defense

An alternative strategy for the UK in HOI4 is to prioritize home defense. While not as aggressive as the previous strategy, this approach allows the UK to focus on protecting its own borders and supporting the Allies in defeating the Axis powers. This strategy is particularly effective in multiplayer games.

Moseley’s Rise to Power and Civil War

To start your journey as the UK in HOI4, position all of your troops along the southern border of Yorkshire and Lancashire. This area will serve as your frontline during the impending civil war. Begin with the “A Change in Course” national focus to expedite the rise of the Fascists to power. Reject any propositions from Ethiopia that may anger Italy, as you can establish a friendship with them in the future.

After 35 days, select the “Organize the Blackshirts” focus and wait 70 days for its completion. During this time, you can plan your constructions and production queue. It is important to conserve your Political Power for the upcoming civil war.

Conquering the Commonwealth

Within HOI4, there is a mechanic that enables you to declare war on puppets during a civil war, effectively transforming it into a faction war. By utilizing this mechanic, you can conquer the entire Commonwealth simply by defeating Democratic UK. As soon as the war begins, declare war on all colonies, including Canada, South Africa, the British Raj, Australia, British Malaya, and New Zealand. This method allows you to avoid excessive World Tension.

Swiftly conquer the weak Democratic UK and annex all territories in the peace deal. This includes the UK, Canada, South Africa, the British Raj, Australia, British Malaya, and New Zealand. Remember to claim their navy as well. This will significantly raise the World Tension, usually to around 100%. Note that Oswald Mosley has a debuff preventing him from justifying war goals on other countries unless the World Tension reaches at least 100%. Completing the “Consolidate the British Isles” focus lowers this requirement to 80%. Set up a template with a single cavalry battalion as a garrison for the newly conquered territories.

Conquering the USA

The next step in your fascist UK conquest is to target Ireland and the United States. As of 1938, the US is particularly vulnerable. Prior to launching wars against Ireland and the USA, prioritize the following HOI4 focuses:

  1. God Save the King (to boost fascism in the UK)
  2. Limited Rearmament
  3. Quietly Mobilize the Economy
  4. Centralize the Economy
  5. Strengthen the Royal Navy
  6. Prepare for Intervention in Europe

With these focuses completed, proceed to conquer Ireland and the United States. By following this comprehensive strategy, you can successfully dominate the world and fulfill your imperial ambitions as Fascist UK in Hearts of Iron 4.