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The Killer premieres November 10 on Netflix. This review is based on a screening at the 2023 Venice International Film Festival.

David Fincher’s “The Killer” Review: A Gripping Thriller that Dismantles Untouchability

David Fincher’s latest film, The Killer, draws parallels to his iconic adaptation of Fight Club, providing audiences with an insight into the inner thoughts of an unnamed protagonist. Voiced by Michael Fassbender, the titular assassin shares a range of quotes, job-focused tactics, and a mantra that keeps him focused amidst the void of life. He is not just one of many, but a select few who possess the ability to recognize the void. This return to form for Fincher explores the unraveling of untouchability through the power of emotion.

A Compelling Protagonist and Unflinching Precision

Fassbender’s character excels at his job, displaying the precision and emotional compartmentalization required to be a top-tier murderer. Despite his destructive nature, the killer’s honesty and complexity make him a protagonist worth rooting for. From meticulously keeping watch to crafting elaborate plans, The Killer showcases the protagonist’s adaptation to unexpected situations while seeking satisfying revenge.

A Captivating Script and Stellar Performances

Andrew Kevin Walker’s screenplay, based on the French graphic novel series by Alexis “Matz” Nolent, strikes the perfect balance by revealing the killer’s inner world and his unwavering desire for control. Walker’s attention to detail adds humanity to the character, allowing glimpses into his emotional life. Fassbender delivers a smart and stylish performance, effortlessly capturing the complexity of the lone-wolf assassin. Tilda Swinton also shines in a pivotal role, epitomizing wisdom and seasoned experience. The inclusion of BBC journalist Fiona Bruce is an unexpected casting choice that pays off, showcasing her natural and nuanced performance.

A Joyous Display of Violence

The Killer delivers its fair share of murders, with a particularly exhilarating fight scene set in Florida. Fincher’s impeccable choreography and editing draw viewers into the violence, captivating their attention throughout. This skillful execution echoes the director’s previous work on Fight Club, capitalizing on society’s proclivity for bloodshed.

A Thought-Provoking Finale

As Fincher’s bombastic odyssey comes to a close, the killer reveals a poignant realization. If others can also acknowledge the void, perhaps they are all just part of the masses, not the select few. This revelation offers crucial insights into the character’s desires and aspirations. The film’s ending, filled with satisfaction and a sense of calm, indicates that the killer may have found his desired peace. Viewers are left contemplating his mantras, dissecting his work, and yearning to experience the entire affair once again.