Starfield Companion Death – Can You Save All Characters?

Can You Save Your Companion in Starfield?

Many players are eager to know if it’s possible to save their companion in the highly anticipated video game Starfield. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of a crucial moment in the game known as “A High Price to Pay” and explore whether there are any workarounds to prevent the death of your companion. However, be warned that this article contains spoilers.

The Choice That Determines Your Companion’s Fate

During the quest “A High Price to Pay,” players are faced with a decision between two locations: The Lodge or The Eye. The companion who is in the location you didn’t choose will perish.

We have been unable to confirm the specific factors that influence this choice. However, it is speculated that the companion with the highest approval or relationship level, based on the game’s affinity system, will survive while the other one dies. This outcome is designed to create a more impactful moment in the story.

Our writers conducted a comparison:

  • One writer had Sarah in The Eye and Sam in The Lodge.
  • Another writer had Sarah in The Eye and Andreja in The Lodge.
  • In both instances, Sarah (The Eye) had the highest affinity with the writers, while Sam and Andreja (The Lodge) had the second-highest affinity.
  • After making their fateful decisions, the companion in the location they did not choose perished.
  • Additionally, it is possible that the companion you brought with you prior to “A High Price to Pay” will be the one left in The Lodge.

Andreja died in The Lodge

Left: Sarah died aboard The Eye; Right: Andreja died in The Lodge.

Attempts to Save the Companion

So, can you save your companion in Starfield? Unfortunately, our efforts thus far have not yielded any successful methods. Here are the approaches we’ve tried:

  • Speedrunning the quest and swiftly moving between The Lodge and The Eye did not prevent the death of a companion.
  • The Starborn powers we possessed during the quest also proved ineffective.
  • We even attempted to use console commands, specifically “player.placeatme,” with a companion’s ID. Although we encountered character models with wispy smoke effects, we believe these models are more related to the game’s ending scenes than the quest in question.
Multiple Andrejas with wispy smoke effect
We spawned multiple Andrejas and noticed that some had a wispy smoke effect.

The Companion’s Death and Its Connection to the Story

Ultimately, it appears that saving your companion in Starfield is not possible as this outcome is intricately linked to the game’s narrative. There are a couple of significant plot developments to be aware of:

  • The Emissary Revealed

    It is revealed that the dead companion is one of the Starborn, known as the Emissary. However, the Emissary is from a parallel universe where your character perished, leading them to seek the Unity and eventually become the Emissary you encounter in your own journey.

  • A Revelation in New Game Plus

    If you choose to skip the main quest in New Game Plus, your character will reveal that they are Starborn. You then disclose to your companion that they died in your universe.

Now you have a comprehensive understanding of “A High Price to Pay” and the possibility of saving your companion in Starfield. After this emotional segment, there is a tender moment where Constellation bids farewell to one of its members. This leads to Walter requesting your assistance with his R&D team, which rewards you with a free Class-C Kepler ship. The next crucial main quest we will discuss is the Unity puzzle.

Starfield offers a vast gaming experience with a multitude of planets awaiting exploration. For more tips and tactics, visit our guides hub.

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