Random: Animal Crossing Fan Completes His Mission Of Visiting All New Horizons Artwork IRL

Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

Get ready for some heartwarming content to kick off your week! Today, @mayplaystv has shared his incredible achievement of visiting every piece of Animal Crossing: New Horizons artwork in real life.

We’ve been following this impressive journey, and last reported on it when the UK-based content creator reached the halfway point in November 2022. Now, Mayuren Naidoo has successfully completed the challenge, and he even uploaded a video showcasing the 43 pieces of ACNH artwork as proof of his accomplishment. Although he officially finished the task last month, this video serves as a fitting “victory lap” of sorts.

This mission was no small feat, spanning over a year and covering 17 cities across three continents. What an incredible adventure! If you’re planning to travel as a Nintendo fan, look no further.

Naidoo thoroughly documented each step of his journey on his TikTok account. In his videos, he showcases the actual art pieces and proudly presents a custom amiibo card featuring his New Horizons avatar. After all, the Animal Crossing art world is notorious for its counterfeits.

Congratulations to Naidoo for accomplishing this incredible task! We’re certain that Blathers, the owl museum curator, would be impressed. Now, where did we put our passports?

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