Bethesda Won’t Give Up On Redfall So People Can Still Enjoy It On Game Pass In 2033

Bethesda’s vampire game Redfall may not have had a successful launch, but the publisher is committed to improving it and ensuring its longevity. Marketing executive Pete Hines expressed optimism that Redfall will still be enjoyed by players on Xbox Game Pass ten years from now. Hines acknowledged that while they are disappointed in not meeting player expectations, Bethesda is a company that doesn’t quit when faced with challenges. They have had previous launches that didn’t go as planned, such as The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, but both games have since improved. Bethesda believes that Redfall has the potential to be a great game and plans to continue working on it, aiming for a smoother experience at 60fps. The reason for their dedication to Redfall is the Game Pass, as the game’s availability on the platform ensures its longevity. Hines stated that Game Pass lives forever as a first-party studio, and he believes that Redfall will still be accessible and enjoyed by new players in the future.

Bethesda’s commitment to Redfall is in contrast to reports that developers at Arkane Austin, the studio behind the game, never fully embraced its concept. This contributed to a significant loss of talent at the studio. In comparison, Arkane’s Lyon team, known for their critically acclaimed Dishonored series, was more successful. Despite the challenges faced by the development team, Redfall received a major 1.1 update in June, addressing numerous issues and making various improvements. Xbox boss Matt Booty shared his perspective on the game’s reception, acknowledging that sometimes teams can have tunnel vision while building a game, and management can have difficulties in gauging its potential performance. Nevertheless, Bethesda remains committed to Redfall and is determined to make it a successful and enjoyable experience for players.