Starfield: Do companions need ammo?

Companions and Ammo in Starfield

Image: PC Invasion

Do companions need ammo in Starfield?

Yes, companions do need ammo in Starfield. If you forget to equip them with ammo, they won’t be able to use their weapons and instead resort to punching enemies. However, you only need to give them one round of ammo specific to the weapon they have equipped.

3kv Lzr Cartridge Starfield

Image: PC Invasion

If you want to give your companion only one round of ammo from a stack, you can do so through the Trade menu. Hold down the left control button on your keyboard and select the ammo using the left mouse button to bring up the slider. This allows you to keep the remaining ammo for yourself, sell it, or save it for later use.

Furthermore, if you’re using your companion to carry extra equipment, be aware that they may try to use a different weapon instead of the one you intended, even if you specifically equipped it. To avoid this, either give them one round of every weapon they’re holding or refrain from giving them multiple weapons.

Starfield Sarah Morgan

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This is particularly important because each companion specializes in different weapon skills. For example, Sarah Morgan has a Level 3 Laser skill, so it’s best to equip her with laser-based weapons for optimal performance in fights. In my case, I equipped Sarah with the Rapid Arc Welder laser weapon and gave her one round of 3KV LZR Cartridge.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.