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Maximizing Resource Gathering in Dota: Soloing Tormentor

In Dota, maximizing resource gathering on the map is crucial for success. By being more efficient in resource gathering, you can gain a small advantage that can eventually snowball into a victory. One advantage that teams can gain is the “free” shard from Tormentor. While taking it is typically a team effort, there are several heroes who have the capability to do it solo.

Soloing Tormentor with Templar Assassin

The trick to soloing Tormentor with Templar Assassin is simple. You need to stack double Meld and time your attacks in a way that allows you to activate the second Refraction as soon as the first one is depleted.

Desolator A Desolator can greatly assist in soloing Tormentor as all barrier damage is calculated after physical damage manipulation.

Minimize the number of hits needed by using Refraction while approaching Tormentor. Get close and use Meld. Wait for Meld to cooldown and then deliver two back-to-back Meld hits for a massive burst of damage. While you may not be able to solo the second Tormentor with this approach, you can quickly and safely secure the first one, even stealing it from the enemy team.

Soloing Tormentor with Ursa, Troll, Slardar, and Juggernaut

Soloing Tormentor with Ursa is even easier. Use Overpower while heading towards Tormentor and wait until you have the second overpower ready before engaging. Use Enrage as needed. It’s ideal to use Enrage when Tormentor is around 60% HP, timing it so that it expires just as Tormentor dies. Soloing the enemy Roshan as Ursa is risky unless you win a fight or have your teammates split the enemy across the map.

Troll gains DPS from Fervor comparable to Ursa’s Fury Swipes. For the first Tormentor, the idea is the same, if not simpler. Make sure to be in melee form with a lower BAT, and time your ultimate ability well. Outside of that, there isn’t much complexity to soloing Tormentor as Troll.

Slardar at level 12 should have no issue soloing the first Tormentor thanks to having one of the strongest Armor-reducing abilities in the game. Just ensure you have enough attack speed. Use Slithereen Crush before attacking Tormentor, as the +Armor puddle will save you a lot of HP when dealing with damage reflection. The current default skill build for Slardar is 4-1-4-1 by level nine, so make use of small buffs to enhance your soloing ability.

Juggernaut may not be the fastest at taking Tormentor, but he is one of the most reliable thanks to his Healing Ward. Make sure to max out Healing Ward second in most games, and with appropriate farm, a level 12 Juggernaut should be able to solo Tormentor. Recommended items for this task include Power Treads, Battle Fury, and a Yasha derivative. A Wraith Band can also be useful for laning.

Despite the option to solo Tormentor, Juggernaut is not considered a strong hero in the current patch due to the fixed level twenty talent. It is therefore not recommended to pick him in pub games. Instead, consider one of the other options mentioned in this article.

Other Heroes and Conclusion

Other heroes may also have the capability to solo Tormentor without many conditions or extensive setup. However, it’s important to note that scenarios like Techies blowing up Tormentor with seven mines at minute 20 are not reliable. If you have any other ideas or tricks to share, feel free to do so in the comment section below. There are likely more heroes who can efficiently solo Tormentor and enhance the overall efficiency of your team.