Review – Rune Factory 3 Special (Switch)

Rediscover the Magic of Rune Factory 3 Special

Prepare to be transported back to the enchanting world of Rune Factory with the release of Rune Factory 3 Special, a remastered version of the popular Nintendo DS game. Originally released in Japan in 2009, this game has become a beloved favorite among fans of the Harvest Moon series. With its unique blend of farming, combat, and engaging character relationships, Rune Factory 3 Special captures the essence of what made the original Harvest Moon games so special.

A Late Discovery

Although I had owned Rune Factory 4 Special for quite some time, it wasn’t until I immersed myself in the world of Rune Factory 5 that I decided to explore the previous installments. To my surprise, Rune Factory quickly became one of my favorite game series. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to experience the improvements and enhancements that Rune Factory 3 Special had to offer.

Enhanced Graphics and Quality of Life Features

One of the first things you’ll notice in Rune Factory 3 Special is the impressive graphical upgrade from its DS predecessor, especially when playing on the Nintendo Switch. The game truly comes to life with its vibrant visuals. But it’s not just about the graphics – Rune Factory 3 Special also incorporates a myriad of quality of life features that have been developed over the years.

An Engaging Story and Characters

In Rune Factory 3 Special, you take on the role of Micah, a half-boy, half-monster. As Micah navigates the world, he must keep his true nature a secret from the Univir, a race of beings who are wary of humans. This adds an exciting layer of complexity to your interactions with different characters and factions. You’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and traits, adding depth and richness to the story.

Familiar Personalities

As I met the various townspeople in Rune Factory 3 Special, I couldn’t help but notice the familiar personalities that I had encountered in other Rune Factory games. Characters like Karina and Sherman echoed traits seen in previous games, adding a touch of nostalgia and continuity to the series. These recurring personalities create a sense of familiarity and connection within the Rune Factory universe.

An Abundance of Activities

Like its predecessors, Rune Factory 3 Special offers a wide range of activities to keep you engaged. From tending to your farm and learning new recipes to exploring the town and building relationships, there is always something to do. However, be mindful of Micah’s limited energy, as overexertion can lead to exhaustion. Balancing farming and fighting is crucial to making progress in the game, as both activities deplete your energy.

A Challenging Adventure

Rune Factory 3 Special presents a greater challenge compared to other games in the series. Micah’s energy, known as RP, depletes not only when using tools but also during combat. This means careful resource management is essential for success. Enemies can be formidable, and it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed if you’re not prepared. Craft wisely and ensure you have enough food to replenish your stamina.

Endless Possibilities

Beyond farming and fighting, Rune Factory 3 Special offers a wealth of other activities. You can develop friendships with the townsfolk, pursue relationships with potential romantic partners, fulfill requests, and raise monsters in your barn. The game allows you to customize your gameplay experience without any time constraints, providing endless possibilities for exploration and development.

A Rewarding Progression System

As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll have the opportunity to level up various skills such as fishing, weapon proficiency, and resistances. Each level gained enhances your capabilities in that particular skill. Whether you prefer to focus on a specific skill or enjoy grinding all of them, Rune Factory 3 Special offers a satisfying progression system.

A Seamless Gameplay Experience

The controls in Rune Factory 3 Special are intuitive and easily adaptable for players familiar with the series. You can seamlessly switch between tasks such as planting, watering, and shipping items. However, be cautious when placing items in the shipping container, as once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. The lack of a quick move option can be a minor inconvenience, but it adds to the realism and immersion of the game.

An Enchanting Soundtrack

One aspect that has always captivated me in Rune Factory games is the enchanting soundtrack, and Rune Factory 3 Special is no exception. The music perfectly complements the gameplay, creating a captivating and immersive experience. Whether you’re discovering the soundtrack for the first time or feeling nostalgic, the melodies of Rune Factory 3 Special are sure to delight.

A World of Endless Adventure

With its addictive gameplay and captivating world, Rune Factory 3 Special offers endless hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the series, this game is a fantastic starting point. Immerse yourself in a world filled with farming, combat, and heartfelt relationships. The possibilities are limitless in Rune Factory 3 Special.

Note: This article was made possible by the generous provision of a Nintendo Switch code by XSEED Games.