How to get the Sleepcrate Home Key in Starfield

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How to Get the Sleepcrate Home Key in Starfield

Starfield offers a range of impressive homes for players to own. While you can purchase residences in larger cities as long as you meet the requirements, the smallest and least impressive option is the Sleepcrate. This guide will show you how to obtain the Sleepcrate Home Key in Starfield.

Some of the houses you’ll come across in Starfield are truly luxurious. If you’re looking to acquire one of the nicer options and didn’t start the game with a Dream Home, check out our guide that explains how to buy a house in Akila City. However, if you just need a small space to call your own, you can go shopping in Neon Core. To obtain the Sleepcrate Home Key, all you need to do is pay 6500 credits to the woman who runs the Sleepcrate business.

Starfield Izna Sundararaman Offering Sleepcrate For Sale

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Izna Sundararaman offers crates for rent, either by the night or by the week. The price for a night is 300 credits, while a whole week costs 2000 credits. She also offers a crate for purchase, so you can ask her for more details when you speak to her.

You’ll find Izna Sundararaman in Ebbside. When you arrive in Neon Core from the Spaceport, head to the Ebbside entrance at the end of the alley between Enhance! and The Volii Hotel. Proceed along the street as it curves to the right, and you’ll find Izna sitting behind a counter near an assortment of sleepcrates.

Starfield Sleepcrate Key

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Once you hand Izna the required 6500 credits, you will receive the Sleepcrate Key. This key allows you to spend the night in your very own sleepcrate whenever you desire. However, even Izna admits that it’s not much of a home and suggests that you can do better. She’s not the most convincing salesperson!

I don’t recommend purchasing a sleepcrate. Since you’ll rarely use it, renting is a cheaper option. If you need a place to regularly stay, our guide on how to get a house in Starfield will introduce you to better alternatives.

Starfield is available for purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.