How to sell items in Starfield (+ Best Prices)

While there are various ways to accumulate Credits in Starfield, the most lucrative method is undoubtedly through the art of item trading. As players navigate the vast expanse of Starfield’s open world, they’ll stumble upon a treasure trove of unique resources ripe for the taking. These treasures can be turned into a tidy profit by selling them to the game’s numerous merchants and shops.

Selling items in Starfield is a straightforward process, but a few essential points demand your attention. Firstly, not all merchants will deal in the same types of goods. Additionally, you can only sell items that are either in your possession or stored within your ships’ cargo holds. However, fret not, as understanding the mechanics is a breeze.

How to Sell Items in Starfield

To embark on your trading journey, you must initiate a conversation with a merchant and access their inventory by requesting to view their wares. Once there, simply press the LB button (for Xbox) or the Q key to transition to the Sell screen. A second press of the same button/key will reveal your ship’s inventory, enabling you to sell items directly from your cargo hold, eliminating the need for physical transportation to the store – a convenience for efficient inventory management.

Regrettably, you cannot peddle items directly from your companions’ inventory. To resolve this, you must transfer these items into your inventory or store them on your ship. Additionally, keep in mind that some vendors specialize in particular types of goods, like weapons or outfits. However, you can circumvent this by visiting a more general store or merchant, such as the Jemison Mercantile store located within the Spaceport area of New Atlantis.

For those daring enough to deal in stolen goods or contraband in Starfield, you’ll need to find a merchant with flexible moral standards or visit your local Trade Authority. In New Atlantis, you can locate the Trade Authority in The Well area.

Maximizing Your Profits with the Commerce Skill

Starfield offers a plethora of skills, but for aspiring traders, Commerce reigns supreme. This skill augments your earnings when selling items and reduces your expenses when making purchases. Initially, it grants a 5% discount on purchases and boosts your credit earnings by 10% on all sales. As you continue to buy and sell unique items, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance this skill further. At Rank 4, the Commerce skill provides a substantial 20% discount and a whopping 25% increase in sale prices.

Strategic Choices for Selling in Starfield

Wondering where to unload your valuable inventory in Starfield? Your options are diverse, but the nature of the items you wish to sell may limit your choices. It’s common sense that vendors specializing in a specific item type will only purchase that particular category of goods. For instance, mineral sales won’t go over well at a gun shop, and vice versa. Therefore, it’s wise to visit a general merchant to sell your items, like the dependable Jemison Mercantile in the Spaceport area of New Atlantis. However, if you’re dealing in stolen or contraband items, your destination should be a Trade Authority, which can be found in most major settlements. In New Atlantis, look no further than The Well area for the Trade Authority.

Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X|S, offering endless opportunities for intrepid traders to amass their fortunes in the stars.