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Experience the excitement of Pocket Gamer Helsinki 2023, held in the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. As the hub of mobile games, this conference brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and enthusiastic attendees for two days of learning, networking, and discovering the latest trends in the gaming landscape. Mark your calendars for September 12 and 13, because this event is just around the corner!

Networking with Industry Experts

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with top-notch industry experts and thought leaders. Gain valuable insights into the rapidly evolving gaming industry and pitch your game to professionals who can take your business to new heights. With over 200 speaker sessions, engaging talks, panel discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, you’ll be at the forefront of the gaming scene.

Unlocking the Full Potential of In-App Purchases

Join us at PGC Helsinki to hear from Julia Iljuk, the head of growth at Balancy. With seven years of experience helping mobile game studios create profitable games, Julia is known for her expertise in integrating LiveOps strategies and boosting monetization metrics. In her session, she will share real case studies and discuss the fundamentals and trends in creating irresistible special offers that can multiply a game’s revenue. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true industry leader!

The Common Mistake in the Games Sector

One of the common mistakes in the games sector is neglecting monetization and LiveOps early on in the development process. Many developers focus solely on the core product and delay LiveOps until after the soft launch. This can lead to time-consuming code refactoring, increased costs, and limitations in engagement and monetization potential. Stay ahead of the curve by being flexible and integrating LiveOps from the start to ensure success.

Personalizing Player Experiences

If you’re looking for one piece of advice for mobile game companies, it would be to invest more in segmenting players and personalizing their experiences. Each player values different aspects of a game, so it’s crucial to pinpoint the perfect value proposition for specific player segments. By doing so, you’ll unlock new opportunities for retention and LTV growth in your game.

The Next Big Opportunities in the Mobile Games Market

Julia believes in the potential of AI/ML to offer optimization in games. By using machine learning models and adjusting prices dynamically based on country and user characteristics, developers can quickly generate additional revenue. The key is finding the right balance between automated and manual approaches. Additionally, companies like Metacore and TreesPlease are paving the way with their innovative strategies and positive impact games.

Challenges in the Mobile Games Industry

The biggest challenge in the mobile games industry today is growing LTV in a saturated market where traditional user acquisition rules don’t work. However, LiveOps tactics provide studios with the solution to craft player-centric games and overcome these challenges.

Favorite Mobile Game

Julia’s favorite mobile game of all time is Monument Valley by Ustwo Games. Known for its unique puzzle design, this game continues to captivate players even after a decade.

The Future of Hypercasual Gaming

Hypercasual gaming is here to stay but will adapt to new trends. Major publishers are already transitioning to hybridcasual titles, combining the best parts of hypercasual and casual games. By investing in LiveOps tools and improving monetization strategies, these studios are staying ahead of the game.

Get your tickets now and join us at PGC Helsinki! Visit the event’s website for more information on what’s in store, where to stay, and everything you need to know. We can’t wait to see you there!