Clever Starfield player finds an infinite money trick, and it uses physics instead of glitches

Player Discovers Ingenious Money-Stealing Technique in Starfield

A resourceful player in Starfield has devised a clever method to steal a significant amount of money within the game’s mechanics. Rather than relying on glitches or bugs, this crafty individual has utilized physics to gather a substantial number of credits, discreetly pilfering them without raising any alarms.

Disclaimer: While this infinite money trick is an amusing and legitimate approach (not in terms of moral standards, but in terms of avoiding glitches and bugs), there exists an alternative infinite money glitch that allows for a swift accumulation of hundreds of thousands of credits.

Credit for this remarkable discovery goes to the Redditor known as MrJsingh. I must commend Donatter’s comment in the thread, stating, “There’s no such thing as ‘theft,’ only mine and yet to be mine.” Witness the extraordinary method of infinite money firsthand!

A very unique way of stealing lots of credits (Game physics at work)
byu/MrJsingh inStarfield

Utilizing a basket and another item to collect scattered credits is a strategy that never crossed my mind. MrJsingh is truly a genius for inventing such a brilliant physics-based thieving technique. Despite the existence of physics in previous Bethesda games, it’s marvelous to see that one can still engage in unconventional activities like this in Starfield.

Intrigued by the location where MrJsingh employed this comical money trick, I delved into the Reddit comments and discovered that Red Mile, located in the Porrima System’s Porrima-III, to the right and above the Volii System, is the specific spot. Within this area, there is a bar teeming with gambling tables that conveniently hold an abundance of credits. Fortunately, none of the non-playable characters possess the astuteness required to thwart this physics-enabled thievery.

Undoubtedly, other locations within the Settled Systems harbor opportunities for employing physics to pilfer money, but this is by far the most exceptional one observed thus far. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the other physics-based mischief players will indulge in within the realm of Starfield.