Dying Light 2 Update Adds Payday Crossover, New Microtransaction Currency

The Newest Update for Dying Light 2 Introduces Payday 2 Gear

Techland continues to deliver with Dying Light 2’s Summer of Horrors. The latest update for the popular zombie-centric game brings forth the next chapter in this ongoing season, featuring a new Payday-themed event and the introduction of a new form of microtransactions.

The Payday 2 Event

The highlight of this update is the Payday event, as mentioned by Techland. However, it’s worth noting that the event revolves around Payday 2 rather than the upcoming Payday 3, despite its imminent release. Players will face infected robbers and pursue infected bolters, both adorned with Dallas’ iconic clown mask and the American flag. The objective is to steal red diamonds from these infected individuals in order to succeed.

Participating in the event and collecting just one red diamond unlocks special UV lights, while obtaining 40 red diamonds grants players the ability to wear Dallas’ mask. Acquiring 150 red diamonds rewards players with a weapon blueprint that resembles a bundle of money. If a total of 11 million red diamonds are collectively grabbed by all players, each individual will receive 25 Pilgrim Tokens, which can be used to purchase equipment. The event will run until 7 a.m. PT on September 21.

New Skins and DL Points

The update also introduces a new system for buying skins, known as DL Points. With DL Points, players can now purchase skin bundles directly within the game. Techland explains that this change is aimed at providing a unified currency system for all existing bundle releases. Although the addition of microtransactions may raise concerns, the studio emphasizes that this implementation streamlines the process and allows players to buy cosmetic packs without leaving the game. Currently, there are five different bundles available, ranging in price from $4.99 to $49.99.

All players who log in before October 7 will be rewarded with 500 DL Points. However, this falls just short of the cost for the new Payday bundle, which requires 550 DL Points and includes a Payday gang outfit, a legendary hammer that appears to be made of money, an artifact blueprint shaped like a stack of cash, a paraglider featuring Dallas’ mask, and a bundle of money that can be used as a blunt weapon.

Addressing Concerns and Future Plans

Techland has been met with significant backlash from fans regarding the introduction of DL Points. In response, the studio released a FAQ specifically addressing these concerns and clarifying their intentions. They explain that the DL Points system not only allows players to purchase skin bundles within the game, but also saves Techland the effort of adding these bundles to multiple storefronts. Most bundles also offer bonus DL Points, providing a discount that wasn’t previously possible and ultimately saving players money in the long run.

The existing skin bundles on PlayStation have been removed and integrated into the in-game storefront for now, with other systems to follow suit in the future. Techland is also exploring alternative methods for players to earn DL Points and is open to receiving feedback from the community. The studio emphasizes that its recent deal with Tencent is unrelated to the implementation of DL Points.

Additional Features

This Dying Light 2 update includes several other noteworthy features. Players can enjoy new knife animations, adjust the gore toggle to determine the level of bloodiness in the game, and skip the prologue. Console players now have access to community-made maps, and a new modifier called Alterations has been introduced. These Alterations are designed to provide short-term activities for enhanced enjoyment in the world of Dying Light, although players can choose to disable them as well.

The Summer of Horrors has been an exciting period for Dying Light 2. The update has brought significant changes to the gameplay, such as altering the mechanics of nighttime and parkour, and hosting The Walking Dead event, which was well-received by the community.