Where to Find All Evidence Locations

The life of a double agent can be quite challenging, especially when you need to gain the trust of the elite Crimson Fleet. Additionally, players must search for evidence in the Burden of Proof mission in order to gather proof of the faction’s illegal activities. However, finding these items can be difficult. That’s why we’re here to help. In this guide, we will show you the locations of all the evidence you need for the Burden of Proof quest in Starfield.

All Evidence Locations in Starfield Burden of Proof Quest

You can find pieces of evidence for the Burden of Proof storyline at the following locations:

  • Mars Cydonia (Deep Cover)
  • The Lock (Echoes of the Past)
  • Siren of the Stars (Breaking the Bank)
  • The Key

Players can find numerous items for the Burden of Proof during the Crimson Fleet questline. Therefore, it is best to focus on this faction if you want to collect all of them. You may also come across these objects in random areas throughout the map, bringing you closer to completing the quest. We will continue to update this guide as we discover more items for the mission, so be sure to check back and finish the storyline to its fullest extent.

Deep Cover Evidence Location

If you are on the Deep Cover mission or exploring Mars, you can find the Neava Meetup item next to Alder Kemp at the Broken Spear. You can locate the character by the entrance to the right of the Misson Board and Self-Service Bounty Clearance. If you are having trouble picking up the item, you can enter scan mode to make the process easier.

Neava Meetup item

Echoes of the Past Evidence Location

Once players begin the Echoes of the Past mission, they will travel to the Lock to meet with Delgado. The main objective to watch out for is Kryx’s Cell. Investigate this area to trigger the first piece of evidence for the Burden of Proof quest. If you are unsure how to search Kryx’s Cell, you can activate the lamp on a desk and select “Pry open the base” to reveal the Best Laid Plans. Listen to the log to fulfill the requirements of the task.

Best Laid Plans

Afterwards, you will unlock the task for the evidence when searching through Carter’s locker. Pick up Carter’s Gig to obtain it. The Burden of Proof quest will also be updated, and players must return the new information to Lt. Toft. However, you still need to complete the rest of the Echoes of the Past mission to leave the facility.

Breaking the Bank Evidence Locations

The Breaking the Bank mission features two pieces of evidence. You need to persuade Gabriel Vera to acquire the Galbank Plan and locate the Request Denied in the captain’s quarters. While pursuing Gabriel, players will need to speak with society patrons to gather more information. Eventually, someone will mention Klaudia Swist, and you must get her on your side to speak to Gabriel. Ultimately, you need to disable the Life Support System to get Gabriel alone.

Gabriel Vera

You can either exchange 2,500 credits to get the evidence from Gabriel or collect it from his dead body by attacking him. The next item is located in the captain’s quarters. You can access this room by going to the Crew Quarters in the Starview Ballroom. Look for the entrance on the left side of the location, which will have a Restricted Area sign. Open the door at the top-left corner of the quarters (near a red soda machine) to find the Request Denied evidence on a shelf beside the bed.

Request Denied

The Key Evidence Locations

At the entrance of The Key, players can find the Request A17 item at the Ship Services location (to the left of the entryway). Go behind the desk near Jasime Durand to obtain it.

Request A17

The next item can be found at the initial destination where you met the Crimson Fleet leader at the Operations Center (use the elevator). On the top floor, you can discover Voss’s Parts near Delgado’s Computer.

Voss's Parts

Now that you have found some evidence for the Burden of Proof quest, you can continue progressing with other factions by learning about the Freestar Collective or exploring the relevant links below for more Starfield content.

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