How to fix Suit Protection Depleted in Starfield

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How To Fix Suit Protection Depleted In Starfield

You’ve arrived at a new planet in Starfield, only to be greeted by an alarming warning from your spacesuit: “Suit Protection Depleted.” Naturally, you’re eager to find a solution. Fortunately, I’ve encountered the same issue and am here to assist you. Read on to learn how to fix the Suit Protection Depleted alert in Starfield.

What is Suit Protection Depleted and How to Fix It

When you receive this warning, it means that your spacesuit’s protective shield is deteriorating. Typically, this occurs due to extreme environments and harsh weather conditions. To address the Suit Protection Depleted warning in Starfield, you need to find safe shelter from the environmental hazards.

How To Fix Suit Protection Depleted In Starfield Extreme Temperatures

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You may find yourself on a planet with scorching or freezing temperatures. Alternatively, you might come across a corrosive environment where radiation seeps into your suit. Checking the stats on your spacesuit will reveal different levels of suit protection. For example, it might offer excellent thermal protection but lack sufficient physical or radiation shielding. When faced with the Suit Protection Depleted warning in a hazardous environment, your best course of action is to seek refuge in a safe location.

Typically, this involves returning to your spaceship or finding shelter in a secure building. Once you are out of harm’s way, examine your suit’s stats. Identify the specific threat that depleted your suit and decide how to proceed. You might need to purchase a new suit with better stats or upgrade individual suit components at the Spacesuit Workbench. This facility allows you to enhance your suit, helmet, and backpack.

How To Fix Suit Protection Depleted In Starfield Spacesuit

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If you ignore the warnings and sustain damage, you will experience various afflictions. Freezing temperatures can cause frostbite, while extreme heat can lead to burns and other severe injuries. Fortunately, there are medical treatments available to address issues like lung damage or joint pain. It’s advisable to carry items such as bandages or antibiotic paste, which can cure your afflictions.

Equipped with the right gear, you should be able to withstand the elements or even disregard them altogether. However, it’s never a good idea to venture into areas with corrosive substances. If you encounter extreme temperatures, exercise caution and assess whether you can handle them.

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