Best Leatherface build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Discover the Best Leatherface Build

Leatherface is an iconic chainsaw-wielding killer in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. With his powerful abilities and deadly weapon, he can strike fear into even the most seasoned players. Unlocking the potential of his comprehensive progression system allows for the creation of a terrifying Leatherface build. In this guide, we’ll show you how to build the best killer in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Understanding Leatherface’s Base Stats

  • Savagery: 50
  • Endurance: 45
  • Blood Gathering: 18

Leatherface surpasses other killers like Johnny with his superior stats, making him an excellent choice for players. To optimize his performance, focus on enhancing Savagery and Endurance. High damage output combined with efficient pursuit abilities will ensure Leatherface’s dominance.

Enhancing Leatherface’s Abilities

Leatherface possesses a unique ability called “Main.” This ability allows him to deal significant damage with his revved-up chainsaw. However, the downside is that it requires time to rev up, leaving Leatherface vulnerable while immobilized. To overcome this limitation, invest in “Heat Reduction” for the first few levels and acquire “Instant Activation” at level three. These modifications reduce the time required to rev up the chainsaw, minimizing the chances of victims escaping.

Recommended Perks for the Leatherface Build

This build focuses on delivering high damage output in a single strike. The following perks complement Leatherface’s existing capabilities:

  • Vial-ent: When Leatherface has a full vial of blood, he receives a substantial damage boost. This compensates for his average blood-gathering abilities.
  • Big Swings: By utilizing a full vial of blood, Leatherface’s damage increases, with an additional 10% boost. Exercise caution as this perk consumes 300% more stamina.
  • Surgical: Enhancing Vial-ent, this perk allows Leatherface to draw more blood, resulting in increased overall attack potency.
  • Brute Strength: Choose the Brute Strength perk for Leatherface’s Grandpa ability, which enhances his melee attacks.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is now available on Steam.