The best skills to get first in Starfield

Best Skills to Prioritize in Starfield

When it comes to the vast array of skills available in Starfield, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to focus on first. With more than 80 skills across five different trees, it’s crucial to choose wisely. In this guide, we’ll provide recommendations for the best skills to unlock at the base tier, allowing you to access them right from the start.

Boost Pack Training (Tech)

If you want to utilize the boost pack, which is essentially a jetpack in Starfield, you’ll need to acquire the Boost Pack Training skill. Initially, it acts as a double-jump, but with further upgrades, it becomes a more powerful tool, helping you mitigate fall damage and explore new heights.

Medicine (Science)

Given the dangerous nature of the universe in Starfield, with pirates, alien monsters, and treacherous environments, it’s inevitable that you’ll face combat and take damage. The Medicine skill enhances the effectiveness of healing items and reduces the time it takes to heal, allowing you to recover faster in intense situations.

Persuasion (Social)

Interacting with various characters and persuading them to see things your way can be crucial in Starfield. The Persuasion skill increases your chances of successful persuasion attempts by 10% per rank, helping you navigate conversations and potentially avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Security (Tech)

In a world filled with locked doors, crates, computers, and safes, having the Security skill proves invaluable. It allows you to attempt advanced locks, making it easier to access vital items and information that can aid you on your journey.

Weight-Lifting (Physical)

The amount of loot and equipment you accumulate in Starfield can quickly become overwhelming, weighing you down and limiting your inventory space. With the Weight-Lifting skill, you can increase your carrying capacity, ensuring you can gather more resources and items without constantly having to offload your loot.

Scavenging (Social)

Scavenging is an essential skill in Starfield, especially if you’re looking to acquire credits, ammo, or valuable items from containers. Investing in the Scavenging skill increases your chances of finding these valuable loot pieces, giving you an early advantage in the game.

Fitness (Physical)

Starfield involves exploration and traversing vast terrains, which often requires extended periods of walking. Having the Fitness skill allows you to sprint for longer durations, increasing your stamina and saving you time and frustration during long journeys.

Ballistics (Combat)

While you can certainly specialize in specific weapons, such as pistols or shotguns, unlocking the Ballistics skill provides a more generalized benefit. It increases your damage output for all ballistic weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles, by 10%, making you a formidable force in combat situations.