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PGC Helsinki 2023: Explore Career Opportunities in the Games Industry

PGC Helsinki 2023 is just around the corner, and it’s not only an event for developers, publishers, and tech experts, but also a great opportunity for job seekers and recruiters. If you’re interested in finding new career prospects in the gaming industry, look no further than our Careers Zone!

In collaboration with Game Factory Talents, we have dedicated a special area at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki specifically for this purpose. With the help of Game Factory Talents, we are confident that the Careers Zone at PGC Helsinki will bring positive changes and open new doors for aspiring game industry professionals.

Interview with Oleg Paliy, CEO of Games Factory Talents

We had the chance to speak with Oleg Paliy, the founder and CEO of Games Factory Talents, to learn more about their role in the gaming industry and the Careers Zone at PGC Helsinki.

About Games Factory Talents

Oleg Paliy introduced Games Factory Talents as a talent attraction agency based in Helsinki. Their mission is to match the right talent with the right opportunity in the games and creative industry. They believe in creating a rewarding experience for both talents and clients by fostering a healthy, diverse, and functional workplace. Games Factory Talents organizes Games Job Fairs, handles direct recruitment, and operates GameDev Talents, a talent board where industry professionals can showcase their skills and connect with growing studios.

What is the Careers Zone?

The Careers Zone is a talent showcase and matchmaking activity that takes place alongside Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki. It is designed to help talented game developers who have been affected by recent industry changes and are seeking new career opportunities.

At the Careers Zone, job seekers can receive onsite CV and LinkedIn reviews, as well as use a custom matchmaking tool provided by Games Factory Talents. This tool allows talents and studios to find relevant opportunities and arrange one-on-one meetings at the Careers Zone.

Why Choose the Game Industry as a Career in Finland?

According to Oleg Paliy, the game industry in Finland offers unique advantages. The community is tight-knit, supportive, and passionate about what they do. The industry is also international, with English being the official workplace language. Finland provides strong governmental support and funding for exploring new opportunities, which encourages innovation and risk-taking. Whether you want to work in bigger studios as a specialist or in smaller studios as a generalist, there are ample opportunities for growth and success in the Finnish game industry.

The Importance of Events Like Pocket Gamer Connects

Events like Pocket Gamer Connects and Games Job Fair play a crucial role in the game industry. They provide a structured platform for networking, connecting with industry professionals, and exploring career opportunities. In a challenging market, these events bridge the gap between talent and studios, ensuring support, genuine connections, and a productive environment. By staying connected, the game industry can thrive and grow.

Be sure to check out the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2023 website for more information about the event and to get your tickets!