Is there a level cap in Starfield? Answered

While Starfield is an expansive game with countless opportunities, players may wonder if there is a limit to their leveling capacity. Does Starfield have a level cap? Let’s delve into this topic.

The Maximum Level in Starfield

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Contrary to Bethesda’s previous game, Fallout 4, Starfield does not have a maximum level or a level cap. While Fallout 4 technically didn’t have a level cap either, it was limited by programming constraints. In Starfield, however, you have the freedom to level up your character endlessly as you explore the vast expanse of a thousand planets.

With 82 different skills to choose from, including Ballistics and Piloting, players have the opportunity to experiment and progress. Each skill offers unique challenges, allowing you to advance through four different ranks. To unlock every skill and maximize them all to rank 4, you would need to reach a minimum player level of 328. This will undoubtedly require a significant amount of time and dedication, making every side quest and activity worthwhile.

As you level up, the game ensures that the enemies you encounter also grow stronger, ensuring a continuous challenge. Additionally, your level and skill ranks will carry over into New Game + mode. Considering the game’s concept of embracing infinity after completing the main story, it is fitting that Starfield has no level cap. However, it’s important to note that reaching a four or even five-digit level in the game will likely take considerably less time than humanity’s journey towards interstellar travel.