20 Best Starfield Mods You Shouldn’t Miss (2023)

Best Starfield Mods to Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Bethesda has given its seal of approval for mod support in Starfield, and that means there are some incredible mods available for you to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking to add new gameplay mechanics or improve performance, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best Starfield mods currently available on NexusMods.

Achievement Enabler

If you love using mods, cheats, and console commands in Starfield but still want to earn achievements, then the Achievement Enabler mod is an essential download. With this mod, you can enjoy all the benefits of cheats while still progressing and unlocking achievements.

Enhanced Player Healthbar

In the heat of space combat, it’s easy to lose track of your health bar. That’s where the Enhanced Player Healthbar mod comes in. This mod dynamically changes the color of your health bar as it depletes, making it more noticeable and easier to keep an eye on during intense battles.

Run Forever Silently

Running out of oxygen in space can be a real problem. But with the Run Forever Silently mod, you can enjoy nearly unlimited oxygen as you sprint through the cosmos in silence. Say goodbye to suffocating in the void!

Clear Bounties

If you find yourself constantly being hunted down by factions and burdened with bounties on your head, the Clear Bounties mod is here to help. Simply paste the bat file and use the correct console command, and all your bounties will be wiped clean.

Less Spongy Enemies

For those who prefer exploration over combat, the Less Spongy Enemies mod is a must-have. This mod allows you to tweak the health of enemy NPCs, so they’re not as damage-soaking. Keep in mind that it only applies to newly spawned enemies, though.

Quantum Reshade

If you’re not a fan of the original visuals and graphics in Starfield, the Quantum Reshade mod can help. Created by modder HelloImCrimson, this mod enhances the colors and offers a more vibrant and visually appealing experience.

Easy Speech

Choosing the right dialogue options in Starfield can sometimes be tricky, and that’s where the Easy Speech mod comes in. With this mod, you can pass all dialogue checks, making it easier to progress through the game without getting stuck on dialogue puzzles.

Nicholas Cage Flashlight by Brandoman

Who doesn’t love a bit of Nicholas Cage? With the Nicholas Cage Flashlight mod, you can have the famous actor’s face on your flashlight as you explore the dark depths of space. It’s a fun and quirky mod that adds some personality to your gameplay experience.

Easy Digipick (Lockpick)

If you find lockpicking to be a tedious mini-game, the Easy Digipick mod is the solution. This mod allows you to ignore the mini-game entirely, making lockpicking a breeze. Just be aware that using this mod may disable in-game achievements, so make sure to also install the Achievement Enabler mod.

Better Movement Speed

Do you feel like the jogging and sprinting motions in Starfield are a bit off? The Better Movement Speed mod can help. This mod provides a smoother and more enjoyable experience when it comes to movement, whether you’re using a mouse or controller.

More Flashlight Mods by Maquinaremos

If you’re a fan of flashlight mods, then you’ll love what modder Maquinaremos has to offer. Check out the Phil Spencer and Bill Clinton Flashlight mods, which replace your vanilla flashlight with these iconic figures. And for a touch of humor, try out the Sarah Barbie mod, which gives Barbie a Starfield makeover.

The Eyes of Beauty

If you’ve played modded versions of Bethesda’s Fallout and Skyrim, you’re likely familiar with The Eyes of Beauty mod. This mod offers new textures for your character’s eyes, replacing the original textures and enhancing the visual appeal.

Undelayed Menus

Tired of waiting for menus to load? The Undelayed Menus mod improves the responsiveness and efficiency of Starfield’s in-game menu by removing all fading effects and running at a smooth 60 FPS refresh rate.


For a fun and silly mod, look no further than Garfield. This mod changes the game’s name to Garfield and features the beloved orange tabby cat on the main menu. It’s a lighthearted addition that brings some extra charm to your gaming experience.

Starfield Performance Optimization

If you’re experiencing FPS drops or struggling with graphics quality, the Starfield Performance Optimization mod is a must-have. This mod allows you to set the display settings to Ultra, providing more FPS and fewer graphics quality losses.


If you prefer a minimalistic menu, the Cleanfield mod is the perfect choice for you. This mod removes intro videos and warnings, offering a clean and streamlined start to your Starfield experience.

StarUI Inventory

Managing your inventory just got easier with the StarUI Inventory mod. This mod improves all inventory screens with item category icons and offers a more compact and organized display style. Say goodbye to cluttered inventories!

In-game FOV Changer

Are you unhappy with the limited Field of View options in Starfield? The In-game FOV Changer mod is here to help. This mod allows you to permanently change the in-game FOV, giving you more control over your field of vision.

Mantis – Deadpool Recolor

If you’re looking to change up your spacesuit, the Mantis – Deadpool Recolor mod is a great option. This mod replaces your Mantis outfit with a redesigned and recolored version of Deadpool’s iconic superhero suit.

Responsive Grabbing

Tired of waiting around for the grabbing animation to finish? The Responsive Grabbing mod reduces the grabbing time to a speedy 300 milliseconds, making it faster and more responsive. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to efficiency!

These are just some of the top Starfield mods currently available on NexusMods. To install these mods, simply download them from the website and log in or create an account to get started. Whether you’re looking to enhance gameplay mechanics, improve visuals, or streamline your experience, there’s a mod out there for you. Happy modding!

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