Can Steam Deck get even better? Nvidia’s expanded GeForce NOW support is a resounding yes

Steam Deck Enhances Gaming Experience with GeForce NOW Support

Valve’s Steam Deck continues to solidify its position as a top PC gaming handheld, especially with the recent announcement of expanded support for Nvidia’s GeForce NOW. This collaboration ensures that Steam Deck users have access to a wider range of games and a seamless gaming experience.

Exciting Updates for Steam Deck Users

Two key updates have been introduced to enhance the gaming experience for Steam Deck users. The first update includes a beta installation method for GeForce NOW on the Steam Deck. This streamlined process automatically installs Google Chrome and configures all necessary settings, allowing users to jump into gaming right away.

The second update enables users to navigate the browser using a gamepad, even on the Steam Deck. This feature simplifies the process of finding and playing games, including non-Steam titles, games with Nvidia DLSS support, and ray-tracing enabled games.

Nvidia and Valve have been working closely to expand support for the Steam Deck, and these updates mark a significant milestone in their partnership.

Steam Deck Continues to Thrive in the Gaming Space

Despite some limitations in power compared to other PC handhelds, the Steam Deck remains a strong competitor in the gaming market. The introduction of GeForce NOW support addresses some of the device’s shortcomings, offering users a seamless gaming experience regardless of hardware specifications.

Streaming games through GeForce NOW provides a workaround for titles that may not run natively on the Steam Deck, bridging the gap until the launch of the Steam Deck 2. With stable performance and controller support, the Steam Deck maintains its edge over rival handhelds.