How to add Shielded Cargo to your ship in Starfield

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How to Add Shielded Cargo to Your Ship in Starfield

Starfield offers players the opportunity to engage in various unsavory activities, such as joining criminal organizations, looting bodies, and embracing deceit. Smuggling is also a part of the game, and this guide will explain how to add Shielded Cargo to your ship in Starfield.

Where to Find Shielded Cargo in Starfield?

In order to smuggle illegal items or contraband into cities and planets with faction scanners, you will need Shielded Cargo. The easiest way to obtain a Shielded Cargo module is by finding a ship that already has one installed. You can achieve this by boarding a Crimson Fleet ship, eliminating all crew members, and gaining control of the vessel. However, there is a more efficient method to acquire Shielded Cargo.

You will need to travel to Porrima III, which is located in the Porrima System. If you haven’t explored much of space, you may need to execute several grav jumps to reach your destination.

Upon arriving, you will come across Red Mile, a casino bar that also hosts the Red Mile race. While you may be tempted to participate in the race, your goal is to acquire Shielded Cargo. Head to the office where Lon Andersson is located. Lon Andersson is the individual who will assist you with Shielded Cargo. Select the option to view and modify your ships, navigate to the Ship Builder, and add a new Shielded Cargo module from the Cargo tab. And that concludes part one of the process.

How to Install Shielded Cargo on Your Ship in Starfield?

Now that you have acquired the Shielded Cargo module, the next step is to install it on your ship. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick the Shielded Cargo module from your inventory
  2. Move the module to the available docking points on your ship (identified by bright blue spots)
Starfield Shielded Cargo Install

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Once the Shielded Cargo module is successfully installed, you will be able to bypass certain faction scanners. However, it’s important to note that Shielded Cargo is not a foolproof solution for smuggling illegal goods. The capacity of your Shielded Cargo, which in this case is 190, determines the maximum mass that can be protected from a scan. In other words, the larger the loot you intend to smuggle, the lower your chances of successfully passing the scan.

If you have any stolen goods, make sure to transfer them to your Shielded Cargo in order to evade detection. Additionally, consider purchasing Scan Jammers from Lon to counter any potential failures in concealing your cargo. Lastly, leveling up your Deception skill can also be beneficial. Your secret is safe with us.