How to Buy & Change Animations in NBA 2K24

How to Buy and Change Animations in NBA 2K24

Customization is key when it comes to MyCareer in NBA 2K. Whether it’s on the court or off of it, there are endless options for personalizing your player. So if you’re looking to become a superstar and make a stylish impression, let’s discuss how you can buy and change animations in NBA 2K24.

Changing Animations in NBA 2K24

To access the ‘Animations’ page in MyCareer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the ‘MyPlayer’ option by hitting Start and selecting it from the menu (located third from the right).
  2. Choose ‘Animations.’

When you open the Animations page, you’ll find a variety of options categorized into Scoring Moves, Playmaking Moves, and In-Game Celebrations. Each category offers numerous choices for customization.

If you’re interested in Showoff Animations like Intros & Outros and City Emotes, navigate to the adjacent menu. For all your options in one convenient location, visit the Animations Store.

Buying Animations in NBA 2K24

Buying Animations NBA 2K24

Once you reach the Animations Store, you’ll find:

  • Scoring Moves
  • Playmaking Moves
  • In-Game Celebrations
  • Intros & Outros
  • City Emotes

While there are free animations available, some may require Virtual Currency (VC) to unlock. The prices range from 250 VC to 750 VC, but you can earn VC by playing the game. You’re not limited to a single animation either, as you can visit the store and change them as often as you desire.

That’s how you can buy and change animations in NBA 2K24. With a wide range of choices available, don’t hesitate to check back here for further NBA 2K coverage if you’re having trouble deciding.

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