How to sell Phil Hill survey data in Starfield

How to Sell Phil Hill Survey Data in Starfield

Starfield is a vast game with numerous planets and moons that offer endless possibilities for storytelling. While much of the focus is on larger-than-life characters like smugglers and starship captains, there are also stories that explore the lives of everyday settlers. One such settler is Phil Hill, who is seeking survey data to help him find habitable planets for other settlers. In this guide, we’ll show you how to sell Phil Hill survey data in Starfield.

Meeting with Phil Hill

If you want to sell survey data to Phil Hill, you’ll first need to pay him a visit at the Broken Spear. This establishment is located in Cydonia on Mars, a city primarily devoted to mining. However, Phil Hill has other interests. He is looking for survey data to assist settlers in finding habitable planets and is willing to pay a commission for this information.

A thorough discussion with Phil Hill will activate the Top of the L.I.S.T. mission. You will then have several objectives to complete, starting with identifying a potential recruit for L.I.S.T. by eavesdropping.

Signing Up a Settler to L.I.S.T.

As you mingle with the patrons in the bar, keep an ear out for someone who dreams of a better life. You’ll find a person seated at a table near Phil Hill who fits this description. Strike up a conversation with her and gain her trust to fulfill the “sign up settler for the list” requirement.

Once you’ve completed this objective, the next step is to survey a habitable planet. Keep in mind that you must accomplish this task before you can sell your survey data to Phil Hill.

Obtaining Survey Data for Qualifying Planets

To gather survey data, you’ll need to head into space in your ship and start scanning planets. Move from one system to another and scan any planets or moons within range. Utilizing the Astrophysics skill will make scanning quicker and more efficient, and you don’t even have to land on a planet to scan it.

Before devoting too much time to exploration, make sure you understand what Phil Hill is looking for. He only wants survey data for qualifying planets that have O2 atmospheres and signs of life. Planets with multiple biomes, such as Tirna II or Leviathan IV, are good candidates to consider.

Once you’ve conducted a suitable survey and generated the necessary survey data, you can sell it to Phil Hill. He pays generously for this information, and selling survey data is a great way to earn extra credits in Starfield. Additionally, gathering all that data will likely help you level up and earn experience points.

Remember, you can also sell standard survey data to Vladmir if you prefer. Starfield is available for purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.