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Google Delays Deadline for Switching to Real-Time Bidding Auctions

In a blog post published by Carlos Façanha, Director of Product Management, App Ads, Google has announced that the deadline for publishers to switch from waterfall instances to real-time bidding auctions has been delayed. This announcement comes as good news to mobile game and app publishers who were concerned about the impact on their ad revenue.

What Happened on September 7, 2023?

Instead of completely switching to real-time bidding auctions, Google will gradually reduce spending on multicall requests in waterfalls that do not contain a bidding ad unit. After the original deadline of October 31, 2023, Google will continue to respond to non-bidding waterfall calls as long as there is only a single call within the waterfall. However, by early 2024, Google plans to stop responding to any non-bidding calls.

It’s important to note that Google will still respond to non-bidding waterfall calls that include the bidding ad unit from Google, known as hybrid waterfalls, even after October 31, 2023. This is a key part of the announcement and something that publishers will appreciate.

Consequences of the Original Announcement

When Google initially announced the switch to real-time bidding auctions, publishers were required to update their mediation SDK and network adapter, as well as conduct AB tests to ensure a smooth transition. The announcement also had implications for GAM (Google AdManager) partners who relied on reselling Google demand via multiple calls. Additionally, the impact on eCPM and overall ad monetization performance varied depending on the game, platform, ad format, and country.

GAM Partners

Publishers had been using GAM partner line items to increase their access to Google demand and improve their waterfall’s competitiveness. However, with Google’s shift to bidding-only, this strategy no longer holds validity, resulting in a decrease in eCPM for publishers and uncertainty for GAM partners.

Timing Considerations

The timing of this announcement is crucial as the advertising industry approaches Q4, the most lucrative part of the year. By delaying the deadline, Google not only gives developers more time to adapt, but it also avoids potential issues or losing market share during a critical period.


This update from Google brings positive news for mobile game and app publishers. They can continue using multiple calls in their waterfalls until early 2024, as long as they include a bidding ad unit. However, it’s important to prepare for the transition to bidding-only in early 2024 as Google completes the shift.

Edited by Paige Cook