What to do when you talk to the scientist by the tree in Starfield

In the world of Starfield, you’ll come across various characters who will assign you tasks to complete. During your first exploration of New Atlantis, you may encounter a task while passing by a character near a tree. This guide will explain what you should do when you talk to the scientist by the tree in Starfield.

Starfield – What to Do When You Talk to the Scientist by the Tree

The initial hours in the game can be overwhelming. As I wandered through the streets of New Atlantis, I often found myself getting lost on my way to The Lodge. At one point, an activity directive popped up on my screen, suggesting that I talk to the scientist by the tree. However, I ignored this suggestion for a long time, as one does sometimes. After all, I could always come back to it later. There was no rush. But eventually, I decided to listen and talked to the scientist by the tree to gather his sensors for an important discovery.

Starfield Kelton Fresh Standing By Tree

Encounter with Kelton Frush

You’ll find Kelton Frush, the scientist, near a large tree in New Atlantis. The tree is located in the MAST District, not far from a prominent building. If you select the activity, a blue mission beacon will guide you to him. Approach Kelton and express your willingness to help.

You can’t go wrong with this conversation. Just for fun, I decided to blow Kelton off and say that I was too busy to help. If you take the same approach, the scientist will continue standing near the tree, and you can talk to him again when you have more time.

Starfield Sensor Resting In Tree Branches

Locating the Sensors

When you agree to help Kelton Frush, the A Tree Grows in New Atlantis mission will be activated. This mission requires you to find several sensors that Kelton has been monitoring throughout New Atlantis.

Simply follow the blue mission beacons to locate most of the sensors. They are positioned near other large trees across the city. One sensor is even placed high up in a tree’s branches. The mission beacons will provide adequate guidance.

Starfield Jorden Anchali Found A Sensor And Sold It

Jorden’s Discovery

The last mission beacon will lead you to Jorden Anchali, a young man who discovered something interesting. Engage in a conversation with him about the “egg” he found, and he will reveal that he sold it to Wen Tseng at UC Distribution, which is located nearby in the Commercial District. You may already be familiar with this building, as it’s one of the best places to acquire Adhesive in Starfield.

Visit the UC Distribution building and speak with Wen Tseng. There’s no need to complicate things. Inform her that the sensor is valuable and offer her 100 credits. If you don’t have enough money, you can sell items from your inventory or return later.

Starfield Kelton Fresh At End Of A Tree Grows In New Atlantis Mission

The Scientist’s Recognition

Once you have the sensors, speak to Kelton Frush again. Wait for his analysis and then talk to him once more, as instructed. You will receive 100 XP for completing the mission, as well as several thousand credits.

Completing the mission will unlock a new activity: Check in on Kelton later. However, you’ll have to wait for some time to pass. I tried fast traveling to Mars and visiting Cydonia before returning, but it didn’t work. Simply remember this activity and return later to learn more, as the prompt suggests.

Starfield is available for purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.