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Simulation Games: Revenue, Trends, and Performance

In Sensor Tower’s latest report, an in-depth analysis of the simulation genre reveals its impressive performance, advertising trends, download rates, and revenues. Notably, the report discloses the staggering amount of money generated in the first half of 2023.

A Record-Breaking Year

Between January and July of this year, simulation games alone generated a remarkable $2.7 billion in revenue. This represents a significant 72% increase from 2019, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. If spending continues at the current rate, 2023 has the potential to become the most lucrative year for simulation games.

Although 2021 holds the record for the highest revenue generated in the simulation genre, amounting to a total of $4.9 billion, it benefited from measures implemented during the pandemic. The overall growth of mobile gaming during the period explains the comparatively poorer performance of 2022, which saw a decline in mobile revenue. However, this decline can be seen as a course correction rather than an indication of a declining industry.

Considering this, even if 2023 does not surpass the revenue of 2021, reaching $4.5 billion, will still be a promising achievement. Moreover, since the second half of the year is yet to be recorded and reported, there is still room for growth and success.

Key Markets and Top Performers

Of the $2.7 billion generated worldwide, the US market accounted for 43%, making it a crucial market for in-app purchases. In comparison, the European market represented a 23% share of the total revenue in 2023 up until July.

When it comes to the most successful types of games within the genre, tycoon and craft games reign supreme. These games alone generated over $1.3 billion within the period, contributing to half of the genre’s revenue. Noteworthy top performers include Playrix’s Township and Melsoft’s Family Island.

The full 2023 Mobile Simulation Game Market Insights report by Sensor Tower explores the contribution of newer games to the overall revenue of the simulation genre. Examples include Supercent’s Burger Please! and Century Games’ Frozen City.

Similar Success in Other Genres

Ultra-casual arena and adventure games have also exhibited a similar level of performance to the simulation genre this year. Between January and July 2023, these games generated a substantial $2.3 billion in revenue.