How to follow distortions on the scanner in Starfield

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How to Follow Distortions on the Scanner in Starfield

Starfield offers a range of missions, each with their own set of objectives that need to be completed. While many of the missions are straightforward, some require players to think outside the box. One mission in particular, “Into the Unknown,” tasks players with following distortions on the scanner. However, the process is not always easy to figure out. This guide will help you navigate the process of following distortions on the scanner in Starfield.

Into the Unknown Mission

One of the early Constellation missions in Starfield is called “Into the Unknown.” This mission takes place across multiple planets as players search for artifacts and try to arrange a meeting with Andreja. However, even after meeting Andreja, the mission is not complete. Players must eventually use their scanner to track distortions. To follow these distortions, it’s important to watch for radio interference and follow those disturbances.

Starfield Follow Distortions On The Scanner Mission Objective

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The “Into the Unknown” mission takes place on Procyon III. Once you land your ship, you’ll find yourself near the perceived anomaly. However, to determine the cause of the disturbance, you’ll need to track it down on foot. Wander a few meters away from your ship and then bring up your scanner.

With the scanner in hand, explore the local landscape. Take note of any points of interest, such as resources or distant locations on the planet that require investigation. However, for now, ignore these distractions and focus on the circular ring at the center of the screen. Slowly rotate in a 360-degree circle while observing the colors along the edges of the circle. Darkening in certain areas indicates the presence of a distortion. The more pronounced the darkening, the more likely you are facing in the right direction.

Starfield Investigate The Source Of The Anomaly

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Continue in the direction indicated by the darkening lines. You shouldn’t have to wander far from where your ship landed. Once you are close enough, your objective will automatically change to “Investigate the Source of the Anomaly,” and you can proceed as directed.

How to Fix the Into the Unknown Bug

A bug has been discovered that prevents players from scanning distortions with their scanner, making it impossible to follow the distortions. To fix this issue, go into orbit and select the landing zone with the anomaly. Keep in mind that there are two landing zones located next to each other, and it’s important to choose the correct anomaly for the quest to progress correctly. After resolving this issue, you can continue to follow distortions on the scanner in Starfield as intended by the quest objectives.

Author’s Note: This guide was written while playing Starfield on PC and Xbox Series S.