Are Too Many Games A Bad Thing? | Spot On

Is Gaming Overwhelming With So Many Great Games to Play?

In 2023, gamers have been spoiled with a steady stream of amazing releases like Dead Space, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Starfield, Final Fantasy XVI, Baldur’s Gate, and Tears of the Kingdom. The gaming industry seems to be hitting it out of the park, but amidst all the excitement, it begs the question: can we truly enjoy and appreciate these games when we’re constantly juggling multiple titles or moving on to the next massive release? How do we give attention to the smaller games that deserve our support but don’t get the same spotlight?

In the latest episode of Spot On, Tam and Lucy explore why games often launch simultaneously, the downsides of this trend, and how to overcome the paradox of choice. Additionally, they share tips on discovering and supporting lesser-known games.

Spot On is a weekly news show that airs every Friday, featuring GameSpot’s managing editor Tamoor Hussain and senior producer Lucy James. In this show, they go beyond simply recapping the latest gaming news, instead diving deep into a single topic. Tune in to Spot On each Friday to stay informed and engaged.

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