Armored Core 6’s Rusty is the hero we need

In the world of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you begin as just a hired gun, a number without a name or identity. You are referred to as “dog,” “hound,” and “merc,” losing any sense of humanity. But everything changes when Rusty of the Vespers enters the scene and treats you with respect and camaraderie.

Rusty, the most crush-worthy AC pilot in Armored Core 6, is effortlessly cool and makes a grand entrance on his Steel Haze mech. While other characters in the game lack trustworthiness, Rusty is different. He treats you with respect, shows concern for your well-being, and reveals information about the corporations’ intentions.

No matter how impressive your accomplishments in Armored Core 6, nothing compares to the coolness of Rusty. His words and actions make players fall in love with him, envisioning him as a dashing and rebellious pilot. Although his face remains unseen, fan art captures his essence perfectly.

Rusty’s dialogue is carefully crafted to make you aspire to be like him. He offers a path to redemption and something more significant than just another job. In the brutal world of Armored Core 6, Rusty’s presence is uniquely humanizing.

As the game progresses, Rusty’s importance and intentions become clear. He is a secret agent working for the Rubicon Liberation Front, fighting against competing interests. In the end, players may fight against him or alongside him, depending on their mission choices.

Rusty’s fate remains uncertain at the conclusion of Armored Core 6, befitting his cool factor. However, he emerges as the hero of the story, not just for his convictions and actions but for transforming the player into a hero as well.

Stay cool, Rusty.