Developer of Only Up! Removes the Game From Steam Permanently Due to “Too Much Stress”

The Rise and Farewell of Only Up! – A Twitch Sensation

In a surprising turn of events, the highly popular platformer game, Only Up!, has been removed from Steam by its solo developer. Despite its janky mechanics, the game gained immense popularity among Twitch viewers, making it one of the most viral Steam games of 2023. However, the developer has now decided to bid farewell to their first game and focus on a new project.

The Popularity Behind Only Up!

Only Up! launched in May 2023, offering a challenging third-person platforming experience similar to “Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy”. Through word of mouth and the attention of popular Twitch streamers like IShowSpeed, the game gained traction and experienced a viral sales period. It garnered over 90,000 viewers on Twitch and 10,000 concurrent players in June. However, its popularity declined after reaching its peak in July.

Only Up! received a “Mostly Positive” review score from its user base, with praise for its unpredictable 3D platforming. However, it also faced criticism for its glitchy physics and rushed designs. Moreover, the game made headlines for allegedly using stolen assets from other games and featuring NFT advertisements within its levels.

“Peace of Mind and Healing”

The solo developer behind Only Up!, known as Indiesolodev, explained on the game’s Steam community page that the stress of managing the game since its release has taken a toll on their well-being. In search of peace and healing, Indiesolodev has decided to move on from Only Up! and take a break to further their education in game design.

With renewed knowledge and experiences, Indiesolodev is now putting their focus on their next project, “Kith.” This new game promises to be different from Only Up!, with an emphasis on cinematography. Indiesolodev intends to work with a small team this time to avoid the stress of being a solo operator.

Despite Its Sudden Disappearance, Only Up! Raked In Millions

The sudden removal of Only Up! from Steam left players mourning its absence. During its relatively short time on Steam, the game generated approximately $2.6 million in gross revenue, despite the controversies surrounding it. Fortunately, players who already purchased the game will not lose access to it. Only Up! will remain playable and downloadable for those who own it in their libraries.

Will You Lose the Game If You Own It?

If you already own a copy of Only Up!, don’t worry. The removal of the game from Steam does not affect your ownership, and you can continue to enjoy the game without any restrictions. The only impact is that new players will not be able to purchase the game for the time being.