Destiny 2 – How to Catch Exotic Fish

Why Catch Exotic Fish

Fishing in Destiny 2 is a relaxing and efficient way to obtain new Seasonal gear and even Exotic gear. In fact, many players have found fishing to be the preferred method for farming Exotic gear. The main appeal of fishing lies in the chance of catching an Exotic fish, which can reward players with valuable Exotic armor pieces or Ascendant Shards.

Fishing serves as a player-friendly activity that is accessible for new players and a low-effort option for those who haven’t reached the maximum Power Level or don’t have a team to farm Nightfalls for Exotics. It offers a worthwhile alternative for players who want to farm gear and materials without investing too much time or effort.

How to Catch Exotic Fish in Destiny 2

In order to catch an Exotic fish, players must first unlock fishing by completing the Gone Fishin quest. Once unlocked, there is no guaranteed method for catching Exotic fish, but there are ways to increase the chances.

Frenzied Fishing

When arriving at a fishing spot, a Focused Fishing meter will appear on the bottom left of the screen. This meter determines the rarity of loot that can be caught. For the best chance of catching an Exotic fish, players should aim to fill up this meter. The quickest way to do this is by finding a fishing spot with multiple players nearby. Each time a player in the vicinity picks up a Legendary or Exotic fish, the Focused Fishing meter will increase. Having more players around increases the chances of filling the meter faster. The meter is divided into four bars, and once at least two bars are full, players have a chance to catch an Exotic fish. Completely filling the meter offers the best chances.

Note: A fishing spot will disappear when a Public Event spawns in the same zone. To combat this, a pro-level fishing strategy involves waiting for the Public Event to end and sending a team member to handle it, while the rest of the team remains at the fishing spot. Once the Public Event is over, the fishing spot will respawn nearby, allowing players to pick up their catches and continue fishing with a full meter.

Efficient Fishing

In order to maximize the chances of catching an Exotic fish, players should follow these steps:

  • Find a fishing spot with plenty of players.
  • Continue fishing as normal and leave all caught fish on the ground.
  • When a Public Event spawns, stand still and wait for it to end.
  • If possible, be in a Fireteam with others to handle the Public Event.
  • Once the Public Event is over, the fishing spot will respawn nearby.
  • Have a team member or any player in the area go to the fishing spot, and then pick up all the fish on the ground.

This method significantly increases the Focused Fishing meter and provides ample time to fish with a full meter before the next Public Event occurs. Each cycle takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

Fishing Tips

Here are some additional tips for successful fishing:

  • Complete the Efficient Angler Seasonal Challenge to have a chance of getting Bait back after each use. This saves time and effort in acquiring more Bait.
  • Aim for Perfect Catches every time by timing your reel-ins correctly. This increases the chances of catching an Exotic fish.
  • Occasionally open your menu and swap around your gear to show that you are active and prevent being kicked for being AFK.
  • Pay attention to the fishing hole. As the Focused Fishing meter fills, schools of fish may circle the pool and spots where fish jump out of the water may appear. Some players have reported higher chances of catching Exotic fish when casting their rods into these areas.

These are the known methods for increasing the chances of catching an Exotic fish. How many Exotic fish have you caught? Are there any other effective fishing methods you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!