Hisense U7K Review – IGN

Hisense U7K: A Mid-Range Television That Packs a Punch

When it comes to affordable LED televisions, Hisense has consistently impressed with its quality. The U7K is no exception, delivering exceptional performance at a price point below $1,000. While it may not be perfect, the value it offers is truly remarkable.

Design and Build

Hisense has never been known for revolutionary designs, and the U7K is no different. However, it still gets the job done effectively. The bezel is thin, the frame is even thinner, and the front of the screen is sleek, with only a subtle Hisense logo at the base. The television is lightweight, thanks to its plastic construction, making it easy to set up. The included feet not only provide cable management but also elevate the TV, allowing space for soundbars underneath.

In the past, Hisense has faced criticism for its LED lights that illuminate when the microphone is muted, causing distractions in dark rooms. However, the U7K addresses this issue by turning off the LEDs shortly after muting the microphone, making it a more privacy-friendly option.

Ports and Connectivity

The rear of the television features a simple layout. The power port is located on the right side, while all other ports, including four HDMI ports (two supporting 4K at up to 144Hz), an Ethernet port, digital optical, a headphone jack, and two USB ports, are situated on the left side. Additionally, the U7K supports WiFi 6e and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Remote

The U7K utilizes Hisense’s tried and tested remote design, with only a few minor changes. Notably, the “hamburger” button has been replaced with a “Menu” button, which also serves as the shortcut to Hisense’s new game bar. The remote includes six shortcut buttons, with one dedicated to displaying all installed apps on Google TV, a convenient feature for easy access to content.

Software and UI

Hisense has opted for Google TV as the operating system for the U7K, a wise choice that delivers a user-friendly experience. Google TV allows users to customize their home screen by entering Apps Only Mode, reducing clutter and providing easy access to apps. The system is fast, responsive, and offers a snappy navigation experience. However, it is worth noting that Hisense HDMI ports require manual adjustment for optimal performance, an unnecessary step that should be eliminated.

Picture Quality

The U7K boasts impressive picture options and quality. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG, along with various picture settings that cater to different preferences. The color accuracy and uniformity of the panel are outstanding for a television in this price range. With over 500 zones, a Mini LED backlight, and a Quantum Dot layer, the U7K delivers incredible contrast and color.

In terms of color performance, the U7K covers 98.5% of the sRGB, 80.5% of Adobe RGB, and 95.1% of DCI P3 color gamuts, with a Delta E of less than one. Delta E is a metric that measures the human eye’s perception of color differences. The U7K surpasses high-end monitors in this aspect, ensuring a visually pleasing viewing experience.


The Hisense U7K is a standout mid-range television that offers exceptional value for its price. While it may not have the most innovative design or top-of-the-line features, its performance and picture quality rival those of more expensive brands. If you’re in the market for an affordable yet high-performing television, the U7K is definitely worth considering.