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Explore the Potential of Generative AI in Gaming at PGC Helsinki

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Discover Generative AI with Davy Chadwick

One of our esteemed experts at PGC Helsinki is Davy Chadwick, CEO of PopScreen games and a generative AI enthusiast. Chadwick will share his wealth of knowledge about the potential of generative AI in the gaming industry.

Demystifying Generative AI

In his talk, Chadwick aims to demystify the vastness of generative AI by showcasing tangible examples of how it’s already being used in the gaming world. He will explore the production process and the potential game outputs that can be achieved. The goal is to bridge the gap between broad AI concepts and their actual applications.

Insights from Davy Chadwick: Challenges and Opportunities in Gaming

Davy Chadwick also shared his thoughts on key challenges and opportunities in the mobile gaming market:

Common Mistake in the Games Sector

According to Chadwick, a prevalent mistake in the gaming sector is inadequate and misaligned R&D, which hinders efficiency and quality improvements in production. This issue is particularly critical for smaller structures.

Advice for Mobile Games Companies

Chadwick advises other mobile game companies to continuously invest in their staff, foster an environment of ongoing learning, and provide access to new tools. Creating opportunities for staff to become more efficient through peer training and knowledge sharing can boost overall team proficiency.

Next Big Opportunities in the Mobile Games Market

Besides generative AI, Chadwick sees the deregulation of app stores, including the emerging possibility to side-load games, as a substantial opportunity in the mobile games market. This shift is set to transform the game distribution landscape, with the potential for new platforms to emerge and a fragmentation of distribution channels.

Key Performance Indicator: Retention

For Chadwick, retention, especially D30 for midcore RPGs, is the most important key performance indicator (KPI) to prioritize. Game performance and marketing effectiveness are also crucial KPIs, including player retention, monetization, and conversion rates from non-payers to payers.

Aspiration in Mobile Gaming: Leveraging Generative AI

Chadwick’s biggest aspiration in mobile gaming is to leverage the power of generative AI to expedite and simplify content production. He is also excited about the opportunities that will arise from changes in store regulations, particularly the possibility of side-loading applications.

Inspiration from Netflix

Interestingly, Chadwick admires Netflix as a company in the realm of mobile games. With its robust media distribution platform, Netflix is poised to become a central hub for entertainment, offering everything from movies and TV shows to games. This all-in-one approach redefines the market.

Challenges in the Mobile Games Industry

The biggest challenge facing the mobile games industry, according to Chadwick, is the struggle to secure marketing budgets and utilize them effectively for timely returns. The introduction of generative AI into marketing processes will require a reevaluation of traditional strategies.

Undervalued Developments in the Mobile Games Industry

Chadwick believes that geolocation is a development that has been significantly undervalued in the mobile games industry. While it’s currently incorporated in a limited number of games, its potential to enrich the gaming experience is vast. Geolocation adds a layer of real-world interaction, making gameplay more engaging and immersive.

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