Starfield: How To Fix Vortex Mods Not Working

Fix Starfield Vortex Mods Not Working Issue

If you are experiencing the Starfield Mods not working issue, where you are unable to use or load any Vortex mods from NexusMods, you may be feeling quite frustrated. Despite Bethesda director Todd Howard confirming in-game mod support, players are encountering this problem. Both manual and the Vortex Mod manager methods are ineffective when it comes to loading mods into the game. The issue likely stems from the Starfield custom .ini files failing to identify and modify the game’s main executable file (.exe). However, there’s no need to despair as we have compiled several workarounds to resolve the Vortex mods not working issue in Starfield.

Check if the Mods Have Any Requirements

The absence of required mod files in Starfield may be the reason for this issue. When visiting NexusMods, make sure to check if the loaded mods have any additional mod files or requirements needed to run properly. Refer to the mod’s description on the site to verify this. If any files are missing, download and install them to resolve the issue.

Editing the StarfieldCustom.ini File

Many players have found success in resolving the mods not working issue by editing the StarfieldCustom.ini file.

  • Navigate to the main directory of Starfield, typically located at:
    DocumentsMy GamesStarfield
  • Ensure the file name is exactly “StarfieldCustom.ini” (case-sensitive).
  • Open the StarfieldCustom.ini file using Notepad++ or Notepad.
  • Replace the existing text with the following command:
  • Save the file without saving it as a text file (.txt).
  • Go to the Properties of the file and ensure the Read-only option is enabled.

Ensure that Mods are Saved Right

If the loaded mod files are saved in the Steam folder, you may encounter the Starfield mods not working issue. This occurs because the “.ini” files fail to modify the main executable file. To resolve this, move all mod files to the My Games directory and Starfield’s main directory.

Enable the Hardlink Deployment in Vortex

Enabling the Hardlink Deployment method ensures that Vortex Mod Manager saves your mod files within the game’s main folder.

  • Launch Vortex Mod Manager and navigate to Settings.
  • Select the Mods tab and choose the Deployment Method.
  • Enable the Hardlink Deployment option to correctly deploy your mod files.
  • Launch the game and check if your mods are loading and functioning.

That’s all you need to know to fix the Starfield mods not working issue. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our other guides such as whether you should tell the cabinet, how to fix the Power from Beyond quest, and explore more Starfield Guides on Gamer Tweak.