How to fix all quest markers showing in Starfield

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Have you encountered a situation in Starfield where all the quest markers suddenly appear on your screen? I’ve faced this issue too and initially thought it was a bug. However, there’s actually a simple fix to this problem. Let me guide you on how to resolve the issue of quest markers appearing in bulk in Starfield. With this solution, you can easily focus on one quest at a time.

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Starfield: Resolving the Issue of Multiple Quest Markers

Don’t panic! The sudden appearance of all your quests on the screen is not a bug but rather a feature. I’m not sure who it’s designed for, as it becomes quite confusing when trying to navigate from one quest to another. To fix this issue in Starfield, simply press ‘V’ on the Missions screen.

How To Fix All Quest Markers Showing In Starfield Show All Targets

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Access your menu by pressing ‘Tab’ and navigate to your Mission list. You can also view your missions by pressing the ‘L’ key. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find an explanation of several controls. The first control listed is ‘Show All Targets’ with the ‘V’ key. This toggle enables you to view almost all mission markers simultaneously. Press the ‘V’ key again to turn it off.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you accidentally toggled this feature on. Simply press the ‘V’ key and the issue should be resolved! This might be helpful if you only have a few missions available. However, for those of us with numerous quests, it can be overwhelming to have multiple quest markers cluttering the screen. Even some Reddit users believed that the quest markers were bugged, which was my initial assumption as well.

Am I missing something, or are quest markers bugged?
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I hope this solution was able to fix the issue for you! If not, there may be an underlying bug unrelated to this problem.

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