How to get the Star Eagle in Starfield

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Starfield: How to Obtain the Star Eagle

Space combat in Starfield has been revolutionized for me ever since I acquired the Star Eagle. With its versatility and growth potential, the Star Eagle is a must-have ship for any explorer. However, obtaining this powerful vessel is not an easy task. Gaining the loyalty of a specific faction will determine your progress in getting the ship. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the Star Eagle in Starfield. Once you have this highly aggressive ship, space combat will become more enjoyable and less daunting. If you’re aiming to acquire the ship early on, prepare for a significant change in your overall Starfield experience.

Earning the Star Eagle involves completing the Freestar Collective Faction mission. This is not a simple side mission and will require a substantial time commitment. Make sure you have progressed to the point in the main story where you meet Sam Coe, who accompanies you to Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne System. The mission may not trigger if you haven’t reached this point in the story.

Once you have fulfilled the story prerequisite, head to Akila City and begin the quest “Job Gone Wrong.” This mission involves dealing with a hostage situation at the Galbank. Completing this mission will lead you to the start of the Freestar Collective Faction mission, where you become a deputy. Be prepared for a series of lengthy and challenging quests, which may vary depending on your playstyle.

I recommend being at least level sixteen or higher and stocking up on health packs, as the difficulty increases as you progress.

Upon successfully completing the faction mission, you will unlock the deadly Star Eagle.

Starfield Meeting An Npc In The Freestar Colletive

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What Makes the Star Eagle Special?

One of the standout features of the Star Eagle is its ability to defend itself better than the Mantis, which is what I was previously using. It also possesses EM capabilities that aid in boarding enemy ships. Compared to the Responder, another ship with EM features, the Star Eagle has a more significant impact on disabling ships. While upgrades are available, the Star Eagle packs a heavy punch right out of the box, making initial upgrades less critical. My favorite aspect of the Star Eagle is its durability, allowing for aggressive combat and resilience against enemy attacks.

Starfield Star Eagle

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