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The Art of Alignment: Stakeholder Management in Games Production

In anticipation of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, which is set to begin tomorrow, we had the opportunity to attend IGDA Finland Leadership Day, held in the same city. The event is a platform for discussing the construction of games companies and teams, as well as emphasizing the importance of nurturing a healthy work culture to produce better games.

One of the notable presentations was given by Valtteri Lahti, also known as Wanda O Rly, the co-founder and COO of Psyon Games. The talk titled ‘The Art of Alignment: Stakeholder Management in Games Production’ provided valuable insights into stakeholders and stressed the significance of understanding their expectations.

The talk revolved around an informative infographic that depicted how different parties may have varying expectations from game developers. It was emphasized that meeting the needs of one stakeholder may not align with the expectations of another. Therefore, developers must be aware of the ultimate goal of each party involved in order to achieve success. For example, investors typically seek scalability in a game as it indicates the potential for long-term returns on their investments.

O Rly emphasized the importance of excelling at stakeholder management, as other parties involved may attempt to take the lead. The talk highlighted the significance of creative collaboration over work for hire, as it enables greater creative freedom while ensuring that everyone is on the same page, despite having personal goals that may differ.

The talk encouraged developers to take proactive steps in identifying stakeholders and understanding their interdependencies. It was advised to address these aspects early in a project and initiate discussions, ensuring that everyone’s goals are aligned before proceeding with development. Throughout the entire process, stakeholders should remain involved.