Where to buy ammo in Starfield

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Starfield plunges you into a vast futuristic galaxy where you can freely explore the stars. However, you won’t be alone in this adventure as there are various dangerous creatures, pirates, smugglers, and assassins. Dealing with these threats often requires ammunition, so it’s crucial to know where to find or purchase ammo in Starfield. This guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Starfield – Where to Buy Ammo

The arsenal in Starfield offers a variety of weapons that require different types of bullets and cartridges. It can be frustrating to possess a powerful weapon and find yourself unable to use it when you need it the most. That is why it is recommended to regularly purchase ammo from shops located in New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon Core.

Starfield Buy Ammo Trade Authority In The Well

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Strategy: It’s always a good idea to collect ammo cartridges and clips from eliminated enemies. These can be found on their bodies and provide a great way to build up your ammo supply, especially since ammo has no weight. Additionally, crates in abandoned stations or outposts may contain ammo, and you can also find it at vendors in Civilian Outposts. However, relying solely on scavenging and random vendors may not be sufficient, so it’s recommended to visit the merchants in major cities regularly for a consistent source of ammo.

New Atlantis: In New Atlantis, you can purchase ammo from UC Distribution. Simply fast travel to the Commercial District and proceed forward until you spot a building on the right. This shop offers a wide range of supplies and is considered one of the most useful stores in the game. Centaurian Arsenal, although less conveniently located near smaller shops and residential towers, provides a larger selection of ammo as well as high-quality weapons. Jemison Mercantile is another option for purchasing ammo. You can also find The Well in New Atlantis by taking the elevator located at the back of the building, where UC Surplus and the Trade Authority sell ammo.

Starfield Buy Ammo Rowland Arms

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Akila City: In Akila City, you can buy ammo from Shepherd’s General Store. When you leave the Spaceport and proceed down the main road through town, you’ll find the shop on your left. Further along the same street, Rowland Arms offers a wider selection of ammo. The local branch of the Trade Authority, which carries ammo, can be found on a side street not far from The Rock.

Starfield Buy Ammo Arboron Non Lethal Weapons

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Neon Core: In Neon Core, the primary location to purchase ammo is the Trade Authority, which you should see directly ahead upon fast traveling to the area. Next door, Neon Tactical offers a broader selection of ammo. You can also consider visiting Newell’s Goods, although the selection is limited. If you’re interested in non-lethal weapons, Arboron on the ground floor of Ryujin Tower is a worthwhile stop. Additionally, Frankie’s Grab + Go in the Ebbside district carries a small selection of ammo.

Another tip is to check for ammo when boarding enemy ships. Even if you’re not stealing the ships, you can still raid their supply stash, which can be a thrilling experience.

Starfield can be purchased on Steam and the Microsoft Store.