How To Use Open Sesame

Discover the Unique Challenge of Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker, originally developed in 2013, is an extraordinary incremental game that will put your patience to the test. The objective is simple: click on the magnificent cookie to accumulate a mouthwatering cascade of cookies. As you amass treats, you can invest in buildings to expand your cookie empire.

If clicking doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry. Cookie Clicker offers remarkable upgrades that will skyrocket your cookie production. Despite its humble origins, this game has achieved cult status and continues to receive regular updates.

If you’re ready to be amazed by the astronomical cookie fortunes you can accumulate, give this cookie clicker hack a try.

  1. Click on your bakery’s name to open the text box for modification.
Image Source: Cookie Clicker
  1. In the pop-up box, use the default random name or create your own. Make sure to add a single space after your name and type “saysopensesame” as one word. Press enter.
Image Source: Cookie Clicker
  1. In the top left corner of your bakery, a small dev box icon will appear. Click on it to open up dev tools that will always be at your disposal.
Image Source: Cookie Clicker
  1. To increase your cookie count, click on the giant cookie.